Sitting in my stillness

I find it really hard to meditate properly and yet when I do stop to take time and just listen to the silence, and let my mind wander where ever it needs to go I feel peace, and inspiration usually follows. But I wonder if we get too hung up on the concept of meditating and if I’m the only one who questions whether or not ‘I’m Doing It Right?!’.

When I’m walking with my dog at sunrise each day I can talk to my guides, listen to the fog lifting and return home feeling spiritually refreshed – is this ‘meditating’.   I know that when I am guided through a meditation by people ‘who do it right’ I can go to interesting places and spaces and come back feeling quite inspired in a whole different way – but are these two states of mind just one and the same but just of different intensities?
OK – so the real question I’m asking here is – is there a ‘right way’ or a ‘wrong way’ to reach the relaxed states of mind where inspiration and creativity reside?
I’d love to know how others feel about meditation.