This site has been set up to assist anyone who is an emerging psychic, or medium, and in particular, to reach out a helping hand to young widows.  This is due to the fact that it’s not uncommon for those of us who lose partners to find that our awareness of psychic phenomena often leads us to having a lot of questions, some deeper understandings, and a yearning to know more about what’s happened to our loved one(s) as well as our own places in this journey as it unfolds.

About me:  Dixie Maria Carlton – widowed while pregnant at the age of 31 – has been on an extraordinary journey through 20+ years and discovered that my powerful and growing gift of mediumship coupled with my training as a coach has enabled me to empathetically help many other young widow/widowers and grieving partners. Parts of my story are found on this site, and  my wisdom is shared for anyone to access.

A standing invitation exists for other’s to post their stories and share their wisdom for the benefit of others too.


Many of us have had experiences that for us are normal but give others goosebumps.  Some of us are quite psychic and others just wonder what’s that all about.  And most importantly, for most of us (so far as I can see) we walk firmly and tall in the ‘real human world’ but have a deep understanding of the spiritual world.  And yet because we are not ‘most people’s idea of what a medium or psychic person does, says or looks like’ we are able to bring a certain new level of ‘normal’ into the mainstream corporate cultures and SME workplaces we enter into through our work.   Nowadays, being ‘intuitive’ in our coaching or presenting styles is quite acceptable.

So – my thoughts around setting up The Blue Flames, are as a means of our being able to share some of our inspirational journeys and moments, to give a sense of belonging and community in this area to those of us who have regular ‘ooky spooky’ moments in our every day ‘normal’ lives and to become a place where can I find out about or discuss this odd occurrence, and this is the important part – without wading through the many dedicated ‘spiritual/psychic/medium websites that are out there. Because that’s not what this is about.

Now – the inspiration behind this and the meaning of The Blue Flame

I’ve lots of stories to tell and for me a journey of becoming aware of my guides and guardian angels started soon after the death of my husband. This has at times been quite amazing and I’ve been privileged to work with some cool people (on this side) including a few mediums, and a Buddhist monk, as well as a couple of coaches with similar experiences in terms of channeling.  All of these people have been like me in that we all quite like sitting firmly on the mainstream track, and like to bring this sense of ‘you don’t have to be witchy-weird, or ethereal in any way etc to be a normal psychic person who has stories to tell that would make others go ‘ooh’ or ‘eeew’.

But sometimes things happen and you just want to ask someone else who ‘gets’ you to understand, listen or comment.  From dreams needing to be interpreted to serendipity moments that just stop you in your tracks.

What I’ve discovered is that we are all having these moments, but it’s very hard to connect with others who do because it’s a bit of a secret society.  Also, we all have a greater purpose (mine I’m sure is to facilitate communication at lots of levels, and in lots of ways), and we are all being guided in our own purpose but sometimes that can be lonely too.

The Blue Flame is something I was shown  in a very deep meditation and I pondered on it for a while wondering what on earth it was. I thought about emailing  a couple of people  to see if anyone had any answers, as I found that even the internet was very heavy to wade through on this one. I asked and no one new.  I was guided to go deep and research this.

I finally found the answers the Blue Flame is a primary source of energy – the source of all other energies and in presented in the power of intent, cause, direction, centralization and unity. It’s keynote is Divine Will.  The basic qualities of the blue flame are manifested through the energies of power, strength, faith and protection.I

It took a lot of searching to find this out – and it finally all made sense, especially when I considered where it came from.  My helping other widows on their journey of understanding about this strange  world of loss and grief is also served well by my understanding the Blue Flame concept. The source of all other energies presented in the power of intent, direction, centralization and unity – for me represents the need for us to share what we know, to talk through our experiences and explore what we learn and sometimes need to share, as a means of being a torchbearer for other widowed people.   When it feels as though one half of our being has been taken from us, our need for centralisation and unity is stronger than ever, even while we stand alone and lonely on our individual journeys.

And so – here is my blog, you can follow what I have to say, or write and contribute your own experiences and thoughts.  Comments will be moderated before publishing – but it is my hope that what serves as a gathering and resource place for those of us interested and hungry for more information will grow and also assist in our individual abilities to grow and learn on our spiritual journeys.


  1. Hi there, I recently had a dream where I was sitting with this woman and she was talking about reading people and she told me I was interesting in that I was a blue flame… she didn’t explain what it meant but went on to told me I was ‘very delicious’ and then proceeded to touch me which gave me a weird vision where she had white eyes, looked like she was dead, and was about to eat me. As soon as she took her hand off it stopped but I immediately woke up a little in fear and feeling vulnerable and if my back was exposed. Not sure what this means or what exactly it could mean for me?

  2. Hi I just started firing up my business again.. It’s called Blue Star Therapies… Whilst journeying on the purpose of the name and what I want to share, I saw all these beautiful blue flames heading to Earth. I felt they were coming to help us transmute our grief, fear and traumas and felt a strong link with AA Michael, so it’s wonderful to hear about the work you are doing with widows. I’d never seen blue flames before, only violet and black so delving further I came across your site and feel reassured to work with the Blue Flame energies. The name Blue Star came about quite randomly… A little Blue Star sticker appeared on my Yoga mat whilst I was contemplating a business name a couple years! I knew it was correct but not managed to get going for one reason or another… I had been Stress Free Zone for years then closed up to go travelling, however now it is clear that the Blue Star (in the Wiccan Rede it states where the blue star on your brow) and Blue Flame energies are so needed right now to help us maintain Clarity, transmute fear and grief in us and others and protect our minds from the constant onslaught of mass media manipulation. Look forward to hearing more about peoples Blue Flame experiences. Blessed Be 💙🌟

  3. i have have come in contact 3 times with this blue flame.
    i’ll share the most interes the 3rd.

    I was heading into a deep sleep. I was just about there. When it felt like i got hit with lightning but energy. I can not explain it but i just seen the most beautiful blue color. Like my whole being was this blue color and i literally jumped in my sleep.
    The first thing my boyfriend says is what did you see because apparently when i jumped he seen blue sparks coming off of me. What ever it was definitely came inside of me and flushed me with energy.

  4. Hmm, okay im sitting on my couch and i saw the blue fame in my hand, immediately i saw it as some sort of sign and researched its meaning. The things im going through rn is like some sort of uncertainty when it comes to death because me and my friend have really delved into astral projections and how astral projection can be related to death, and theres an uncertainty of after lifes especially after the passing of a friend

  5. I was just doing a guided meditation on my soul revealing itself and I saw a blue flame. I think it was in the shape of a heart. It was surrounded by rainbow flecks coming from it. I had to search to find out more about the blue flame and I found your page. Do you know what the rainbow would mean? This is all so interesting! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Hi! I’m not sure if this goes here (seeing as everyone say they have seen a blue flame). To be honest this has been happening for a while in my life, but it’s the first time i find something even remotely close to was i was looking for.
    Everytime i think of death (when alone in a peaceful place where there are no noises) i feel a blue fire in my chest (is not in the heart), i often wonder if there’s a deity or blackness after death. I’ve felt orange fire on my belly before but i can remember what was about, and if I’m being honest i can quite belive a lot in, anything.
    I’ve had experiences where i just know things (in one occasion a man accidentally something from my family, and i knew his aproximate age, how many children he had and the fact that one person of his family was sick, all of wich was later confirmed when we visited him; in another occasion i had a mild panic attack at the same time my sister had a mild accident in another place; my pets keeped me up and that helped me get out of my house when an earthquake began), but I’ll never call myself a psychic or medium, it doesn’t feel like it fits. Sorry for rambling.
    My question is: what does the blue fire in my chest mean? why does it only come out when i think of death?

    Sincerely thankful for your help.

  7. Hello. I came across your website after visualizing the blue flame in some of my meditation. Recently my life felt like starting to shift after some sexual abuse I lived and complicated situation I had to get myself out of. After feeling depressed I decided to focus the attention on myself and i ve been trying to connect more with my intuition. I think my intuition was shouting at me to leave that place I was finding myself way ahead before the abuses. But I listened to my boyfriend s arguments to stay rather than my intuition (he was not the abuser).
    Recently, while I was meditating on connecting with my heart, I saw the blue flame appearing in a body s chest and then in the lower chakras. And it felt like I was called to bring this blue flame for other women.
    This morning I woke up and decided I needed to know what is that blue flame about. Any thoughts, feelings on this?

    1. Hi J, I believe it’s time you had a reading (with me or anyone near you) to fully explore what this means. Trust your inner feelings and listen to your heart. You’re being tested (re the abuse) so see it as that – a test to lead you through some growth. Keep me posted 🙂

  8. Hello,
    I found this blog looking for some answers. I’ve had a lot of repetitive nightmares in the past and I usually fight different beings. However , In my dream the garage door to the house opened and something sinister was inside. Instead of being afraid , I used the blue fire to burn the entire garage and the being disappeared and I woke up instantaneously. I have not had a nightmare since. So in my dreams I can control the blue flame and use it to manipulate the dream. This is something I have done without thought or training to what the flames symbolized. But if they do symbolize divine will which I have always felt a connection to angels and blue fire . I don’t honestly know what me being able to control the flame enough to burn any monsters in my dreams means. Why can I control it ? I’m hoping you could give me your opinion .

    1. Wow – being able to control it in your dreams is pretty powerful stuff. Great that you’ve also been able to use it to manage the nightmares. I think it means you are emerging into a powerful lightworker and your abilities to do this are growing. Keep a journal of your dreams – learn to work more with the flames and call upon Archangel Michael to guide you – talk to him before you go to sleep. 🙂 Keep me posted.

  9. Hello there! Last night I decided to meditate because it’s been a while and it was a day after a new moon and I’ve been feeling emotionally blocked and drained so I wanted to ask my guides to help me open up. After wards I felt even worse. I felt so overwhelmed I was numb and all I could do was cry. I decided to pull 1 card from my tarot deck see if they could tell me what was going on and it was ten of wands reversed. It didn’t sit right with me so I asked again and guess what? SAME CARD. After that I wanted to calm myself down so I tried meditation again And while my eyes were closed I saw a high blue flame Coming off my body while asi feeling it heat on my heart and 3rd eye chakra.. now all I feel is distraught and nervous and some type of numb I can’t explain. All in all I feel a bit sad. Maybe this is also connected to my depression… I’m so confused

    1. Viviana if you have drawn the same card twice, you need to pay attention to that. I’m sorry I don’t read Tarot, but recommend you connect with someone who does. Your distress is energy based – something is simply not sitting well with you energetically and the blocked feelings will remain until you figure out what that is. Let me know if you would like to book a reading to take it further.

    2. Hi Vivianna!
      Hi Dixie! 💙💙
      I read tarot as one side profession
      Dixie is right, energetically your stressed.
      This is the burden card. There is something that makes you stressed or weighed down, a job, a partner, etc etc
      Time to offload as you are shouldering too much and your guides are trying to let you know you are on burnout and need to recharge and maybe drop things in your life that you don’t need to carry anymore. You may even have to begin saying no or asking for help.Pull a clarifier asking what they want you to drop. Don’t let your health slip due to stress. Hope this is something long past already!

  10. Dear Maria,
    A few weeks ago I went to a medium – healer. From her I’ve learned that I’m a lightmaster. Yesterday I learned, that when I was at a birthday party 2 weeks ago, a friend had seen a big blue flame inside of me. And whenever I was talking to someone or giving a hug to someone, that flame, but smaller, would light up in that person, but extinguish after a while.
    I think that being a lightworker and that flame are related. Because the healer said that I don’t necessarily have to do something. Just by existing I spread the light.
    Now I was looking up information on the internet about blue flames and bumped on your website. I got curious about your thoughts about this 😊
    I also really want to use this light more conscious and more active, if you have any ideas or thoughts on that, I would also enjoy reading them.

    With love, Irina

    1. HI Irina, I’m so happy reading your note about this. I love that you have had someone to talk with about it. I’ll happily share more articles that might be helpful. I have been working on the energies myself for the past while, so sorry about the delay in replying but you’ve inspired me today to work on this more. Also – the healer is right. You don’t HAVE to do anything more. But you’ll be called to do what you need to. Trust that your light will find where it needs to be for warming those who need it. But also, pay attention to your self care, keep your spirit pure (ie free from gossiping, judgement etc) and protect yourself and your beautiful blue lights.

  11. Hii!
    How can i stop dreaming about blue flames because while repeating that dream as it grows,

    1. Miquel, sorry about the delay in replying… I’d love to know how this is going for you now. Your way forward is this: Examine the other parts of the dream – what symbols or signs are you seeing. Who is there? Is the dream only of blue flames or always in a different context. The flames are meant to awaken you, reassure you, and you are being guided to seek out why. Who are you most in need of protecting right now? Are you being asked to help out in a way that makes you feel unexamined emotions? Feel the warmth, protection, and guidance. You’ll be ok… but some testing times ahead. Think of it this way – a butterfly will often emerge from the cocoon with wings that need to stretch before flying.

  12. My life is approaching the dawn of a new beginning. I feel this so deeply in my soul. I’ve been having such vivid dreams lately. I find myself being channeled by spirit especially when I’m surrounded by groups of people. Ears ringing. Palms itching. Headaches. I wanted to change. I was researching for hours and finally found what I was looking for. I started an uncrossing ritual that lasts 13 days. Tonight was day 7 and that’s when I saw it… the Blue Flame. I saw the Blue Flame in my minds eye. It spoke to me. Showed me. Showed me my future and everything that was to come. I had seen strange things before in my minds eye but nothing like the blue flame.

    Like a year or so ago I use to see this gold ring/circle that would grow and shrink, almost like it was breathing. This always happened when I would shower.

    And now I’m seeing the blue flame. Followed by the flame I saw an eye of a snake. I do not know what the snake’s eye is suppose to mean but I do know the blue flame brought me here… and for a reason. I’m hoping you may be able to help me and guide me in some way along my spiritual journey and growth.

    Please get back to me whenever you can.
    Best wishes, Trav.

    1. HI Trav, wow, congratulations on your emergence. And sorry it’s taken me so long to reply…. it’s been a wierdly long few months but I’m back. 🙂 The snake – protection. Clear laser like sight. Freedom. mmmmmnnnn – some beautiful colours on that snake. Ok – I think we could start with some conversation sometime if you wish. Or seek a healer/reader who can work with you at the pace you need locally first. My booking options are in the contact page. First – learn about protection (I have a blog post on this here ) and grounding. Lean into the learning….

  13. I have been seeing things for a little over a year now…one was a large black and red dog that had saved my life on multiple accounts. I had named him Cinder, because he smells of cinders. I want to know why this dog would protect me. Also, when I first started researching this stuff about two weeks ago, a humanish figure with elongated arms approached me and put a blue flame into my chest. I’d like help with what either of these may be.

    1. HI Red. Wow – I love that you have a guardian angel who presents as a dog – that’s pretty special. And that you are so aware that you can also smell him as well as see him. We ALL have protective guardians and spirits, angles etc watching over us. Some of us are lucky enough to see/feel/identify our guides strongly as you are able to. Perhaps you are a lover of dogs anyway and your guides know this is the best way to present to you. A Black and RED dog is somehow meaningful to you so this is just their way of ensuring you KNOW there’s a guide watching over you. As for the blue flame into your chest – that’s also about protection, awakening, healing. Being aware of your own protection. The Blue Flames are symbolic of protection by Archangel Michael. I’d say you are an awakening soul, aware of who you are becoming. Trust and allow this guidance to gently ease your fears around the journey. You’re a light worker – you’ve got things to do here. But you won’t have to do it all by yourself. And as this unfolds for you further, you’ll start to understand your special gifts as they evolve too.

      Hope this helps – but feel free to book a reading with me if you would like to explore a lot deeper with this.
      Or, just keep in touch and share your ongoing learning – there’s a lot of us in this space. Don’t feel alone. Ok.
      Dixie x

      PS – stop taking silly chances over things that don’t matter… (You’ll know what this means – I was about to close the chat box and that came through very clearly to me for you.) You need to focus on what’s important – not the shitty stuff that’s really just a series of distractions. However those things have helped you to start waking up – you are now a little more aware of things and the need to be more centered. Go with that and the help you sometimes feel you need will come to you easily.

    2. I was driving out dc the other day.and I saw I blue flame in the wood.. that’s really have me thinking alot. I just cant find answer for that

  14. Hello, I had a dream where I was surrounded with blue flames and everything I touched started having blue flames too. It was one of my first visual dreams I’ve had in a while and it felt different but I was just wondering if you could help me interpret anything from it. Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Echo, I would love to tell you more and help you to interpret this better but I’d need a little more to go on sorry. My initial thoughts are that you are starting a long journey now of healing through some past issues that affected your entire life, but are now moving behind you. Feel free to write back and clarify anything further… or book a reading option if that suits….

    1. The year 2018 was a year of so many upheavals, strife, stress, and ultimately ego death. Layer by layer, the existence I was familiar with had been slowly and steadily stripped away. Such is the ascension process. “I endure to enlighten” is such a personal statement for me now. It is actually part of my Galactic Mayan Signature as Yellow Cosmic Sun , for those of you unfamiliar with this, its an effective mantra based on my date of birth etc and used in accordance with Mayan astrology etc.
      I am happy to contribute my story of my encounter with the blue flame!
      I was having another night of insomnia, stagnation, and I found myself in a cave of isolation. I had followed guidance to cut off people and situations and there I was uncertain of so many things in general. Questions circulated in my mind and as hard as I had tried to push fear and sadness away, it would not let me rest.
      I recall staring at my phone researching as was my usual and thus began the blue flame . I remember being taken aback but calm. Before my eyes ,the flame appeared! It was a marvelous electric blue! The flame danced and drifted away from my phone as if beckoning my attention. If i could describe smoke it was like such, however on fire… electric…a deep lovely shade of royal blue and the color was so vivid! The cover picture on this blog is absolutely 100 percent familiar! Its why I am here. The flame continued to rise above my bed and moved before me. I was not afraid.On the contrary! I was in such a profound space of peace and tranquility . It disappeared after about a minute. I immediately thanked God and the Divine for blessing me so much for the sacred visitor who brought me hope. I have seen Angels in the sky not as a distant far off specks but close encounters. This occurence was approximately around summer 2018. This is a real story and now into 2019 the ascension is still underway, but my how much has gotten easier since then! I hope this brings some emerging contribution to this community because I believe in its purpose. There is a divine purpose for all of us. Thank you for creating this space to share and connect. Much love

    2. Hi – you are so interesting and thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m interested in more of what your Mayan signature is about. And I’m absolutely sure your story is only just beginning… some interesting changes coming your way… why am I seeing curling water… like a smooth but ‘curling’ waterfall… not rapids, but a winding stream, very smooth but not flat either… and narrow, not like a river… like wandering water. wish I could describe it better – but I am sure you know what I’m talking about. 🙂

  15. As a young girl, about 17 or 18, I was toying around with the tarot and witchcraft books of a deceased woman. I had them on the shelf by my bed and at about 3 a.m. I woke to see a blue flame emerging from the center of the books. Mind you my room was built on a porch and had not electric wiring of any kind. At the time I freaked and ran out of the room and slept with my sibling. I never knew what it was not until I got much older and wiser.

  16. No one can tell me what the blue flames meant and who is the women this is and was to real to deal with I thought Santan was a man I don’t understand I believe in women ours Goddess and man are supposed to be King and Roayl prince what Goddess has cum upon me to to kill me

    1. HI – Ghoss my apologies for not replying sooner – somehow your messages didn’t show up in the usual way… anyway – I’ve had a look and a read through your messages and mostly I’m confused about what you’re explaining. A dream or a vision? Either way, i’m really sorry but your writing is unclear so I’m probably best to suggest you contact me for a reading and to go through your experience that way.
      Reading options are listed on the site.
      Quick answer though – the Blue Flames are protective healing energies and connected to Archangel Michael… so if you’re experiencing things relative to very negative issues you might be best placed to seek a higher level of help than this kind of simply free answer option.

  17. Hi, recently I have been seeing(and feeling)blueish/purple flames coming out from my body, specifically the tips of my fingers. I don’t really see them often, but I can feel the flames coming out from the tips of my fingers and it has been this way for one or two weeks already. The flames seem to change according to mood too. If I’m angry the flames turn orange/red and if I’m sad/frustrated the flames turn green. Also, negative or strong emotions seem to allow the flames to spread across my whole body.

    1. IH Sora – sorry for the late reply – not sure how this ended up not seen earlier, but my apologies. Interesting what you’re experiencing re the mood affecting the flames. I think you need to perhaps see someone who deals in energy or chakra healing. what you are describing does not feel like a typical blue flames experience – it sounds more like an internal energy thing… but I’m keen to hear more…

  18. i had dreams of flames often both green n blue,i am confuse about this dream,some people r coming to attack my own people immediatly i saw them i became very angry a woman came to me n said i should not use my power yet i should wait,but i can’t control my self my right hand start shaking n my right hand turn to a blue flame.to my surprise this woman came to me again and told me to be carefull with my powers.

    1. Hi Nancy, I feel that you already know the answers – you are sitting on the edge of the abyss and ready to lean out wondering if you’ll fly or not. Get your wings strapped on first ok. Have someone guide you through it – because you’re going to need some flying lessons… your guides are there waiting ot help with that.

  19. Hi.
    It’s been 4 months now since my dreams started but this one was interesting.
    I was in a rush looking for a girl that usually appears in my dreams (a twin flame-maybe).
    And some guy came to me and said ” i heard you like Nikola Tesla too, come i need to show you something” and he went into his house.
    I was waiting for him but then decided to move on. And then i came to a place that looks like someones market.
    There was a torch with a blue flame and a red screen behind it. I was looking at it and it felt good. Then i woke up.
    Do you have any idea what this could mean?
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. IH Denis, sorry – I can’t be more helpful – not enough to go on really. Happy to delve deeper if we were doing a reading, but for now, sorry I got nothing.

      Are you about to sell or develop a new project? IF so, I feel that you need a partnership for that – and it’s right there ready for you…
      Feel free to book some time with me if you want to explore further ok. I’m seeing you prepare something for sale,and the pieces you need being easy to gather up. 🙂

  20. Have been widowed since 1993……..at the age of 36………..chose to stay single & happily emotionally detached too ………was frightened at the beginning…..didn’t think it was possible………………..but it is possible…..realized my inner strength ……focussed on giving my two beautiful children a good upbringing……I had a reason to live & have no regrets whatsoever…….. kept having a series of dreams ………..over time…………got used to it……mostly enlightening ………like someone was trying to tell me some things………

    1. HI Manjula, I believe that we all go through a something that helps to direct our lives. I am clocking up 21 years now since I was widowed with two beautiful young boys to raise alone. They are now beautiful young men. I also believe that their father has helped guide and direct me often and also directly works with them too. What you believe is happening in your dreams is always worth paying attention to. Your guides are much better able to connect with you through your dreams.

  21. I’ve seen blue flames in my bedroom twice in the past year. I’m a Fifty-five year old woman. In the past (when I was 25 is saw an angel outside my bedroom window one night, he was eminating a light so bright I thought at first the city had installed a new street light behind our house. I’ve seen what I thought of as a ghost in my house when I was a 13 year old girl, I also saw orange figures around my sisters bed when I was 26 and visiting my parents home with her.

    1. Thanks for sharing Jeanette – it’s interesting to note how far apart your experiences have been and yes also very strong… will be keen to see how this unfolds for you as you grow older.

  22. I came here looking for an interpretation of a dream I had. It was very vivid but not lucid…I have been trying to go lucid but have not been successful yet. Anyway…in my dream I was starting my car and I had to light the engine. It was a huge blue fire of flames under the hood…there was no engine it was just blue flames… the same color as you show in your pics here. I never drove the car or did anything other than look at the flames. I didn’t think it was out of the ordinary, just a big brilliant blue fire. Maybe it doesn’t apply to what you describe here?

    1. Hi J,
      I know from all the years I’ve been managing this blog that these flames appear in many forms, with many different meanings… it would help to know a little more about you to be able to be clearer but I interpret this to mean that the journey you are on, the moving forward part of your destination is driven by some pretty powerful spiritual guidance. I feel that you often get a proverbial tap on the shoulder to help direct your decision making. The car not having an engine, but just the flames, and their burning so bright means you don’t really need others to help you, you’re already blessed with everythning you need. If you are currently thinking about doing more training or upping your education, this may also be a sign that you alraedy have what you need – so start the journey.
      Hope that helps J… Let me know how this goes for you.

    2. Thank you for the reply Dixie, I do get that tap I just need to listen more often : )…and being a loner I love the other part you wrote that I don’t really need others to help me… thanks, J

  23. Hello, and thanks for this post. I saw the blue flame for the first time today. I had a ride share car that I returned yesterday and had mentally prepared to take public transportation. Well, I ended up having to walk eleven miles to and from work. I’m highly empathic, I began feeling this is what I was supposed to do, as I experienced heightened transmutation during the walk. At some point, I was able to read the energy within the different neighborhoods. I saw a green energy shoot out of my heart chakra, then a white beam of light fall on me about the width of my body, which was surrounded by an intense blue flame. I rotated between placing my hand on my heart chakra, solar plexus, and a deep spiritual wound, and the white light, blue flame, and transmutation intensified to the point that the energy flow would become unbearable at times (in a good way).

    As I headed home, kinda upset that I had to walk and couldn’t get a ride, I literally zoned out and began focusing on the energy flow again along with generating some positivity. By this time, I could barely walk because my feet hurt so bad, and my speed was that of an older person. I kept my pace slow and steady and the pain grew to other parts of my body. But here’s the thing, as the pain of walking intensified, so did the energy flow, to the point that I blanked out a few times while walking. At times, I noticed that the energy flow had consumed my mind and it was as though my consciousness was clear. I couldn’t think. It was like the energy was cleansing my mind. My body felt so weak, but my spirit felt so strong. By the time I made it home, I was exhausted, of course, but felt I was in a different state of consciousness.

    I was wondering if you had some insights on this experience. They would be really helpful in helping me understand.

    1. Also, I’d like to mention that I’ve seen violet flames. I want to say that I’ve seen it prior to this, but there was a time or two when I saw violet and red as well.

    2. HI Jacob – wow – that’s a lot to take in. Sorry but I don’t have any insights off the top of my mind about this – aside from your being highly empathic and emerging to a new level perhaps of awareness. If you would however like to book a session with me we can maybe explore this a lot further. If not wiht me, then I encourage you to find a good spiritual guide near where you live and talk with them about this.

    3. Alchemist
      For Jacob (comment may 24 2018) not only are you an empath, but you literally absorb energy from your environment
      Your prescence alone is healing to people I imagine it’s because you transmute negative energy naturally
      2018 has brought so many shifts and you my friend are an alchemist
      Utilize that gift in healing services just a few thoughts
      Ground your energy daily
      Crystals and gemstones can aid your sensitivity
      Transmute and send the energy back to the Earth and replenish yours by grounding aka earthing
      Any hand chakra activity? Curious, i wake up with swirling balls of energy another topic for later, i didnt even know we had hand chakras! Lol this only occured for me a few months ago
      Audrey Selene

    4. HI Audrey – THANK you so much for sharing your insights on this for Jacob… sounds like you too are well up with the play in terms of what’s going on. Let me know if you”re interested in sharing any blogs, posting anything specific that is suitable for this site… I’m keen to expand on options for building this community in 2019.

    5. I often find myself in situations where I feel like I have been here before . I know my dreams often come true but sometimes it’s hard to remember until I’m in the moment it’s hard to explain I guess. I would like to develop this more . Any suggestions? My latest dream I remembered it was a gold circle inside the circle were tiny blue flames…

  24. Hi my name is Scorpionsain…I’m a 30yr. Old white male Mostly of Germanic descent.I have to tell you a story…coming across this was something I very needed.My story starts with my death…I learned from my mother that she had a secret.When I was old enough she had told me that I am her miracle baby…She had told me that when I was inside her she didn’t want me and went to get an abortion…and she did…Noone knows how it’s possible but despite getting an abortion I still was born on October 31st 1987. at the age of 2… I was reading advanced material alone just to learn.I have an above average I.Q. at the age of 6 I fell through the ice of a frozen lake…Idk how I got out till this day…from the ice I caught phnuemonia and spent several months in an oxygen tent…a few years later I was hit by a drunk driver while admiring xmas lights in the city…I was hit hard enough that my vehicle flipped 3 or 4 times I remember spinning but it was in slow motion exactly the way you’d think the world would look as is if time slowed down .my head broke a window yet I had no cuts and as well my huge suburban would have killed around 8ppl. In a fast-food restaurant if my front bumper hadn’t got caught on a single wire cable bolted to the ground from a street lamp.Then a few yrs. Later I was riding a dune buggy that ran on a Porsche engine .it had one seat for the driver so I climbed on the back with a battery that’s leaking acid I noticed holding onto the roll cage…then it happened.the driver drove off a 15 ft jump and didn’t warn me when we hit the ground I smashed my face into the metal cage…I held on only by my legs as I was being dragged with a bloody unrecognizable face…the weird thing is when I landed my mouth was open and I hit on the the cage…but yet I did not break a tooth in fact when I inspected the cage I discovered my teeth marks bit into the cage…I have had more near death experiences for one life.lolThis story has a purpose…I’ve always been interested in the power of a human mind…even as a child i for some odd reason felt different.well on one night I found out why…I had been awake for 3 days and 3 nights. Alone in my room with a candle that burned the entire time.I sat and started for hours and hours and hours.watching it dance.I got curious I feel this weird bond with The element fire…as I watched i took my finger and slowly inched it closer and closer to the flame…I noticed something…the fire would bend around my finger when near it…like an unseen force connected bending and swaying with my movements like a dance…Thats the night my life changed…I moved on to attempting to conjure a flame in my hand…what happened next changed me forever…I sat in a semi lit room held my hand out and I could notice a faint blue looking mist …I actually almost lost my mind…I thought I might have a tumor why else would I see this.So from there I would sit for hours imagining what I wanted to happen…then one night I’m practicing and it happens in my band a flame appears…but it’s not red .it always appears blue.and it’s not burning me.weird thing is the blue fire in my hand was Like Antarctic cold ice…Since this other things have happened…when I reach for things sometimes they move away as my hand moves towards.I See spirits everywhere…i hear sounds that are from the future.(It’s always just sound I hear a phone ring plain as day but there isn’t a phone ringing…atleast not until min. Later… Sorry for the long story…I see other comments and it felt like I wasnt an alien or something.I guess I’m looking for answers…Why can I do things that defy logical explanation? There’s obviously something happening to me. And well it’s not like there’s a handbook for this.I mean What am I? I don’t practice any kind of magics of any kind! Plus its so hard and such a lonely Secret to keep.I have shown my Girlfriend the flame she saw it with her own eyes and after it was really hot and because my hands become ice cold it helped with her fever….when it comes to it…whatevers happening to me is real but I’m not scared.its empowering.yet very strainfull. I have lots of questions and don’t no where to even begin.Some I’ve figured out on my own.. like why after I stop attempting to darken the flame I feel drained…this is also the first time I’m sharing my story…if anyone knows anything plz. Comment…and the things is this happened to me about 8 yrs. Ago.and I am still uncovering things I can do.does anyone have an idea of what I might be? (And yes…the blue flame I talk about is a REAL flame).

    1. HI Erik, first – WOW…. your story certainly is unusual – even for this site, and I do hope someone might have some additional insights for you. Here’s my take on this… obvously you are highly spiritually aware, or ‘psychic’. And you have some extraordinary gifts. I would like to suggest you connect with someone thorugh perhaps a spiritual church – put it out there and the right person/guide will come to you or make themselves known to you. I don’t beleive anyone would have this gift without someone being here to help you and guide you through this journey. There is something big around you that makes decisions you undertake to be loaded with purpose. You have an ability to help some highly sensitive souls, and I feel it’s about helping them through a journey of life/death. I’d really like to talk with you – can we make this happen? I’m typing as fast as I can to allow the infomration to flow through for you but I’m struggling to keep up. I’d like to throw this open to others for comment first, but please can you reach out again in a few days and let’s see if we can arrange a conversation.

  25. Hi my name is Scorpionsain…I’m a 30yr. Old white male Mostly of Germanic descent.I have to tell you a story…coming across this was something I very needed.My story starts with my death…I learned from my mother that she had a secret.When I was old enough she had told me that I am her miracle baby…She had told me that when I was inside her she didn’t want me and went to get an abortion…and she did…Noone knows how it’s possible but despite getting an abortion I still was born on October 31st 1987. at the age of 2… I was reading advanced material alone just to learn.I have an above average I.Q. at the age of 6 I fell through the ice of a frozen lake…Idk how I got out till this day…from the ice I caught phnuemonia and spent several months in an oxygen tent…a few years later I was hit by a drunk driver while admiring xmas lights in the city…I was hit hard enough that my vehicle flipped 3 or 4 times I remember spinning but it was in slow motion exactly the way you’d think the world would look as is if time slowed down .my head broke a window yet I had no cuts and as well my huge suburban would have killed around 8ppl. In a fast-food restaurant if my front bumper hadn’t got caught on a single wire cable bolted to the ground from a street lamp.Then a few yrs. Later I was riding a dune buggy that ran on a Porsche engine .it had one seat for the driver so I climbed on the back with a battery that’s leaking acid I noticed holding onto the roll cage…then it happened.the driver drove off a 15 ft jump and didn’t warn me when we hit the ground I smashed my face into the metal cage…I held on only by my legs as I was being dragged with a bloody unrecognizable face…the weird thing is when I landed my mouth was open and I hit on the the cage…but yet I did not break a tooth in fact when I inspected the cage I discovered my teeth marks bit into the cage…I have had more near death experiences for one life.lolThis story has a purpose…I’ve always been interested in the power of a human mind…even as a child i for some odd reason felt different.well on one night I found out why…I had been awake for 3 days and 3 nights. Alone in my room with a candle that burned the entire time.I sat and started for hours and hours and hours.watching it dance.I got curious I feel this weird bond with The element fire…as I watched i took my finger and slowly inched it closer and closer to the flame…I noticed something…the fire would bend around my finger when near it…like an unseen force connected bending and swaying with my movements like a dance…Thats the night my life changed…I moved on to attempting to conjure a flame in my hand…what happened next changed me forever…I sat in a semi lit room held my hand out and I could notice a faint blue looking mist …I actually almost lost my mind…I thought I might have a tumor why else would I see this.So from there I would sit for hours imagining what I wanted to happen…then one night I’m practicing and it happens in my band a flame appears…but it’s not red .it always appears blue.and it’s not burning me.weird thing is the blue fire in my hand was Like Antarctic cold ice…Since this other things have happened…when I reach for things sometimes they move away as my hand moves towards.I See spirits everywhere…i hear sounds that are from the future.(It’s always just sound I hear a phone ring plain as day but there isn’t a phone ringing…atleast not until min. Later… Sorry for the long story…I see other comments and it felt like I wasnt an alien or something.I guess I’m looking for answers…Why can I do things that defy logical explanation? There’s obviously something happening to me. And well it’s not like there’s a handbook for this.I mean What am I? I don’t practice any kind of magics of any kind! Plus its so hard and such a lonely Secret to keep.I have shown my Girlfriend the flame she saw it with her own eyes and after it was really hot and because my hands become ice cold it helped with her fever….when it comes to it…whatevers happening to me is real but I’m not scared.its empowering.yet very strainfull. I have lots of questions and don’t no where to even begin.Some I’ve figured out on my own.. like why after I stop attempting to darken the flame I feel drained…this is also the first time I’m sharing my story…if anyone knows anything plz. Comment…and the things is this happened to me about 8 yrs. Ago.and I am still uncovering things I can do.does anyone have an idea of what I might be?

    1. Erick, HI, and sorry for the delay in responding to you… please see the notes from Audrey and I invite you to connect directly with me via the contact form… I’d like to discuss this with you further….

    2. I found this article and we are the same thing I also have the blue flame but it happened on the tip of my fingers but it happened only once. I need your help.

    3. Hi NK I have not approved the comment only because it’s very long, and somewhat unformatted etc… very hard reading for visitors here. However, if you really feel you need my help, please simply reach out and let me know. You can book a reading, or conversation with me via the Time Trade link anytime. (I charge $100 for these sessions).

  26. A short while ago, while I was in a regular “going about my day” state, I had at the same time a translike vision quality in my minds eye and saw a ‘vision’ of me surrounded with a blue flame engulfing me. I know it was good and not an intense life changing experience feeling but a more casual one. I don’t know what it means though in the context of my life and myself. Also, was feeling more grounded then but lately though I feel a bit ungrounded. Any thoughts as to what this might mean? The impression and way I felt about it was positive and a sense of apathy towards the experience which was freeing.

    1. HI Dee – sounds like life is starting to get a little interesting for you – some means of settling some frayed emotions in teh tapestry of your life. I don’t know why but as I’m typing this I”m seeing a lot of colour, and fabric, textures, and such like. There’s some cool things coming along that are represetned by your feeling more grounded and settled, but I’m also seeing some amazing colours around you. Some creative and imaginitive centred ‘wins’ in your life.
      You go Girl! Let me know how that goes for you…


    2. Thanks for your input. Sounds about accurate as I’m involved in the arts and letting go of feeling the need to do solely corporate types of things to be normal and allowing myself to express more. I’ve been meeting new people that are closer to my alignment. I do feel like sometimes I’m more grounded and then I become high strung/anxious so it’s a weird balance so far.

  27. As I was walking into the forest this morning thinking about all the roller coaster of emotions I felt recently that were caused by breakups and other stuffs. I kept asking superior spirits for guidance. Suddenly, I was thought that I would be offered the gift of the Blue Flame ( I never heard of this before). I was explained that the Blue Flame emerge from the base of my body and is from Divine origin. It was there to protect me from any negative energy coming from other people but also from my owns. I was told it transforms all negativity into pure Love that can be redirected into any direction. This message came to me in the form of an interior dialogues with a spiritual guide. I felt blessed, relieved and in peace.
    As soon I came back more I googled Divine Blue Flame and came on this website. I had absolutely never heard anything about this and was very surprised that other people have had similar experience.
    I used to have regular experience with spiritual guides when I was a kid but thew everything away when I was 17 years old as I thought I was crazy. I am now 40 and this was my first contact with spiritual guides again since 23 years.

  28. hello and thanks in advance for reading my comment. it was 7:00 am and i felt asleep when i was sleeping i saw small blue light that came into me and at that moment i was very excited and then i waked up. Everthing happend in 10-15 minutes Can anyone expain what this actually mean?

  29. I had a blue flame experience. Meditating today and in my inner temple I have a violet flame foundation. I have an overwhelming need to step in (like a cleansing) and as I stepped in it change to blue. It was calm and relaxing, and it was cleansing. But I was surprised like “why blue?”. Now it’s a blue flame foundation. I also came across a normal apple tree at the beginning of my meditation and at the end it had blue apples. I didn’t eat any, just laughed and walked by. Just wanted to share.

    1. Hi Lynn – that’s cool! Loving that you experienced the calm beauty of the blue flames. Purple is the colour of spiritual growth and harmony, blue is the colour of angelic protection and calm… not sure ‘why blue’ but blue is in fact a very calm colour on the spectrum and in marketing, it’s a colour associated with trust and communication. So – there you go – something to ponder. The Blue apples sound interesting. Could mean fruitful abundance, trust in the process of that … or, Apples also mean a variety of things – check your dream interpretations… ie Apples in Eden, Apples of the world tree of knowledge, apples of gravity, apples of sin… apples also mean some kind of severity …


  30. Hi there,
    Just this weekend I went away on a Wellness day at a place near me and we were doing deep meditation with angel connotations. I was not expecting it. I thought it was day of someone telling you how to look after yourself through food. There were 8 women in the room, one angel practitioner guiding the meditation. It was guiding us on a beach to see our spirit guide. I have some significant loss over the last 10 years, 4 of which went way before their time. All 8 people ended up on the beach with me. The most significant was my friend who commit suicide at age 30. I have felt such guilt for not being in contact more with her before it happened. I hugged her and told her I was sorry. She said it was not my fault and that she was happy now. I also hugged and held my two cousins which died months apart and were only 23 and 28. They looked so happy and healthy. My two sets of grandparents didn’t seem to come forward much but I think it was because I have dealt with their loss. At the end I sat a talked and sat in silence with my neighbor who died of cancer in his late 50’s. It was comforting. During this meditation my eyes flickered open to see a connected blue flame over all the women in the group. I was crying and just wanted to be away from everyone. I have felt physically sick and drained since I came home. This is day two. I was never much for crowds but lately I come away from any interaction completely exhausted and mentally drained and if it’s a big event like a wedding, I tend to be physically ill afterwards. Also, my mum, my sister and I are close intuitively. We live far away from each other, sensing the others feelings and the usual, when the phone is going to ring. Thank you for creating this page 💜

    1. Hi Siobhan, I loved hearing about your experiences with the group, I have had similar ‘on the beach meets with loved ones’ too and they are very special. I understand the feelings of being unwell after the retreat. Best thing you can do really in that instance – and I appreciate it may be too late and I’m sorry for being tardy in replying (life took a few big turns for me lately and I dropped the ball on this for a few months) but you need to talk to the organiser/ angel guidepractictioner, and advise her of how you were feeling. Some simple protection and releasing of accumulated energy would be good for you to have done (maybe still do) as there is clearly some residual energy issues you retained from the meditation.

      You are an emerging strongly spiritual lightworker who needs to learn how to protect yourself from energy transferrence…
      But other than that, all good and life is about to get a little more ‘interesting’ but in some really cool ways. Enjoy.


  31. One day I was sleeping and I started to see purple like I always do but when I went to bed I went deeper and I saw a flaming blue beast and it scared me and I immediately woke up and I didn’t know what it was but from looking at all your comments, I’ve been awakening through meditation and prayer and it has been scaring me for a while now I see angles I see demons and now I’m seeing a blue flaming beast.

    1. HI Will, not sure what to make of this really. The Blue flames is usually associated with messages from Archangel Michael of security, safety in spiritual matters, and emerging/awaking spiritual matters. If you are feeling fear, then ensure you are using white light protection, and ask your angels or call upon/pray to Archangel Michael about this.


  32. I was sitting on my couch and out of the corner of my eye saw a 5 inch blue flame just fluttering 2ft above the ground. I looked at it for around 3 seconds and it disappeared. Felt as if it was a warning. Not sure what.

  33. Hi Dixie.

    More than 20 years ago I contacted an Angelic force in a meditation. I had this checked over by some people I trusted and found it to be a reliable spirit guide. He is associated with the Blue Sword but also goes by the acronym of Blue Flame but I did not know this at the initial contact.
    Many wonderful miracles manifested over the years because of this relationship. When I initially contacted him, he was a blue flame but at the time as I said, I had no idea he the acronym is associated with him, I did not make the connection.
    Many years later I had distinctive message to check out the meaning of blue flame. This was followed a very lucid dream in which a cute little vole reared up its nose towards me from which leapt a blue flame.

    I then did the research and made the connections between the blue flame, my guide and Arch Angel Micheal. Who is to this day is a remarkable friend in the spirit world.

    1. Hi Robbie – Oh My… this was the most interesting comment to read, as it has really connected with the concept of the Blue Flames as I understand them, in relation to someone else having this understanding of them/it and making it part of their world. I know you’ll understand this, but sometimes the blind faith we work on when sharing these things does leave us to wonder just what and where things come from. I have not really connected yet with other light workers like the man you described but would love to do so . to increase my personal understanding of this journey I sweem to be on.

      Thank you for sharing your journey and I wish you well. You just made my day – in ways I can’t explain just yet but are very relevant to some conversations I have had over the past few days. As we all do, confirmation of the guidance we’re given is always appreciated.


      PS – sorry this has been a slow response – life took over last year and a few balls were dropped, this blog being one of them. Back now – here to help anytime.

  34. Hi Dixie…this is Megna 24, I have been seeing some spirits for instance recently at 10pm as I was washing the dishes outside the kitchen I felt someone is staring at me and when I look through it,it suddenly got disappeared…this is how continuously going on with me…what is it actually ..??? I’m confused and trying to figure out the solution I started doing meditation but something feels between my eyes some weird big eye images, different colours n all….don’t know anything….???!!! Please help me out.

    1. HI Megna
      the answers to your questions are not very straightforward sorry – I need to meditate on this and see what’s going on, but I recommend that perhaps you grab a session either with me or any other good spiritual guiding clairvoyant/medium and see if you can help get some clarity re this. My initial thoughts are that this is an awakening, you also need to engage in simple protection. Ask Archangel Michal to ensure you are protected every day – start with ‘Feet on the Floor, run your hands over your head and down your body, about 3 inches out from touching your body, and imagine pure white light surrounding you – like putting on a cloak. Ask for protection and guidance… when you meditate do this but also just every morning. I sense you are awakening to and empathitic level of energy awareness that is only just starting for you – embrace it, you are guided to it, but keep yourself safe from negative energies too.

      with Love,

      PS – sorry this has been a slow response – life took over last year and a few balls were dropped, this blog being one of them. Back now – here to help anytime.

  35. I am a widow at 39. I’ve always had abilities and clairvoyance but I always squashed it down until before my husband died. Since his death I’ve been trying to center myself and come in touch with my guide. Upon meditation I was shown a blue flame in spirit form. Hence why I am here. Amazing how this happened.

    1. Hi Brandie – as a widow at age 31, I wish to extend my thoughts to you in support of your journey. I know how hard it can be, and even 20 years later, time passes, and heals, but life’s events certainly change one don’t they. My personal spiritual journey started with the death of my husband in 1997… what a ride it’s been!

      I love that you were shown a blue flame – rest in that – it’s a sign of supportive protection from your angels… all part of your very special journey.
      Keep in touch – happy to continue any parts of the journey you need help with if you get questions. I work a lot these days with other clairvoyants. 🙂

      PS – sorry this has been a slow response – life took over last year and a few balls were dropped, this blog being one of them. Back now – here to help anytime.

    1. HI- let me know if you can please what you wish to upload.. .if you wish to be a contributing writer to this blog I can set you up for all that…. need to know more – thanks.

  36. I and my sister saw these also but not for the reasons explained here by some, more sinister I think in the context of when and why and the circumstances at the time when we became aware of them or saw them.

    1. hi Tommy – thanks for writing in – I’m fascinated by your comment and I’m sure others might be too. Can you share a bit more about this? I set this site up specifically to help others understand more about the blue flames phenomenon, and as you can see from many comments, this is MOSTLY viewed as a positive in someone’s life, but then again, to help round out all our understanding of these things, more knowledge and exploration would be great.

  37. I saw these Blue flames as a kid, my sister did too but not due to what others here have put. Similar but more sinister I believe.

  38. Hello,

    I’m happy to have found this site. I am currently 47 years old, and most of my life I have been sensitive to some extent or another. Dreams coming true, seeing things upon waking, time shifting only once, seeing the same thing others see during group meditation, etc…but I’ve never really done anything with it. So earlier this year I was napping in my car while my kids were in kung fu class. I saw an eye looking around, then it looked at me, I was on guard and asked for protection. Then I heard ” I am God, put out your hands to receive a gift.” So I did physically put my hands out and in my minds eye I saw a blue flame appear in my hands. Then I was told to bring it to my heart and let it consume me. So I brought my hands to my heart and then I was covered in blue flames. That’s all that happened. Nothing has happened since. ( my father died and my beautiful dog died, but I feel those events were unrelated) I have been worried on and off that I let something evil or yucky into my energy body. But at the moment because of your site I’m not feeling worried. If you have any further thoughts please share.

    1. HI Marian,
      I too felt that the Blue Flames was a sign and a gift and for me, that meant being encouraged to set up this sight and help others to better understand their experiences with the Blue Flames. I’m so delighted you shared your event and insights into this… thank you and Namaste!

  39. I saw the blue flame…
    Actually i saw a tower of raging fire..golden yellow…
    When i reached out to touch it with curiosity it cooled down to blueish hue..
    It streched endless below in space and above in space..
    And all around there where arched openings..thousands of them ..up and below me and around the tower… I was standing in one of them..the arches.

    Before i saw this..i always dreamt i was running in a corridor…it was long..and there was light at the end…of it..and i coyld never reach.
    In oone of these dreams i got stopped and i got angry…and i shouted so loud i felt the earth and whole corridor shake with anger. And i said will i never get there.
    The next moment i was on the edge..and there was the blinding light…when it came down i could see a golden tower of raging fire…and i leaned out to touch…it cooled to a blue fire…

    1. Wow!
      I think what you are describing is akin to what I’ve heard about the Akhashic Records and the ‘place’ they are housed. I’m hoping someone else reading might also be able to shed some light on this. But here’s what I’m ‘getting’ from my channel re this:

      Maybe you are spiritually blessed to have the ability to work with Akhashic records, and yet doubt either their existence or your purpose around this. The feeling of ‘never going to get there’ is your own conscious self battling with your spiritual/subconscous self. I feel that you need to let go and let guidance from your spirit guides help you to wrok this out – what’s stopping you exactly from following your path? Is there a religious belief that prevents you from thinking in terms of ‘and/or’ instead of ‘yes/but’. Nothing is quite as black and white as you have believed in the past – you can have more than what you see when you believe it to be so.

      Ok – I’m confessing to reading this and hoping that you will be able to make sense of this – perhaps some meditation on this. I’m just going with what I’m getting from my guides… but hope this helps. Feel free to write back ok.

  40. I’m freaked I got a big pool its got 2 pumps the pumps are loud at night so I went outside around 1:00 am to turn it off out of the corner of my eye there was a big blue flame I walked by turned off pump walked past it again it’s really there and walked quickly in my house I’m in shock I seen this been searching for answers what why how who anyone’s help appreciated

  41. Hello,

    on December 21, 2016, I was resting in my bed ( not asleep) when all of a sudden, I saw a beautiful blue flame last about 8-15 seconds I wasn’t scared, just felt a sense of peace I’ve been on a spiritual path for about 1.5 years when I had my awakening. Prior to my awakening I did meet my twin flame.

    1. HI Ursula, and welcome. Thanks for sharing your experience.
      It’s a beautiful feeling when it’s like that isn’t it. Awakening to your own spiritual path seems to often be blessed with a blue flame experience I am learning.

  42. Very recently I participating in an sound healing and yoga Nidra workshop. I meditate on a regular, but this took was something that I know changed me for sure. The facilitators explained everything that may occur. I’ve always been highly aware, so I was open. My body begin to move and jerk and once the Nidra teacher instructed us to go into our hears, my heart, my chest begin to ache. Were we told that we may feel pain wherever we’ve experienced lots of it and that was spot on. Next, we were told to envision an alter and fire, I went to the alter, still experiencing a bit of pain and after a while my flame turned to blue. Now, my lower self kept trying to change it back to red because I thought that’s what it was supposed to be, but no, it kept going back to blue. This is my first experience of this. I also heard spirit tell to “just ask for guidance.” From what I’ve read here and other places just today this blue flame is a good thing. Would you kindly offer any insights? Thank you

    1. HI JustFree – thanks for sharing – I think your experience seems to be similar to other’s of us who have felt this flame as a positive, and a form of awakening and guidance. Just trust and let go.
      I’d love to hear more about your journey…

  43. Around 2002 I went to a Catholic teen retreat where they had Eucharistic Adoration: On the last evening they paraded a communion host around a tent of (4,000?) people as we all knelt, prayed, sang worship, laughed, cried, prayed in tongues, danced and raised our hands.
    I closed my eyes and “saw”in my mind’s eye each person as a small blue flame, all of us in some other realm of existence. I felt complete peace and gratitude and kept my eyes closed weeping for quite a while. Recently I have been able to vocalize my belief that God is present in each of our consciences and this reminded me of that experience 15 years ago. Tonight I had a difficult evening and then I remembered the blue flames and went googling to find this website. I notice as well that little are reporting seeing blue flames more frequently. I guess I would just like to reiterate my current belief that there is a small blue flame of conscience inside us all where God resides and speaks to us from. Thank you for making this community.

  44. Lately I’ve been having really vivid dreams. The night before last I dreamt of adopting a dog. I found that dog thirty miles away from me in a rescue shelter, a very specific color that was odd for its breed. He was adopted within the next 24 hours. This morning, I awoke from a very vivid dream…

    I was in a small group outside my grandmother’s home celebrating Mardi Gras or something and a Native American sat down with us and started drumming. I started quietly joining in on the opposite side, staring at the fire between us. His side burned out, mine kept going. He told me I had to stop letting them come through from the spirit world. I said, “I have felt them.” Then my back felt like it was on fire. My clothing was, as well as a tree behind me, totally engulfed. I hastily disposed of the garment. Next everyone’s back was engulfed in purply blue flame. I ran towards grammaw’s house and saw it was being engulfed in red fire. I threw open the glass sliding door and see my mom, my brother, aunt, and grammaw all there and started rushing to get them out.

    When I woke up my back was all tingly. It still kind of is.

    1. Hey Cessandra, thanks for reaching out to talk about your dreams. My first thoughts are that you have spirit guides who are concerned about you and your vulnerability to spiritual matters you are unprepared for. I get the feeling you are maybe dabbling in something you shouldn’t be doing… perhaps a look into some dark arts? Or Spiritual things that are triggering some open channels you need to consider protecting better. You have an interest in the other side, but are approaching it from a negative or dangerous perspective. So the dog is about protection first – symbolic in that he popped into your life to alert you to the need to be protected. the drumming is symbolic of a heart beat… The negative aspects of spiritual awakening can be things like depression (I’m not saying they are the same – but the feelings can be when under the influence of negative spiritual energies), feeling confused and heavy. Please seek the help of a good medium, spiritual counselor or if you belong to a church and feel strongly inclined to do so, talk to your minister or religious leader.
      The other thing I want to say is – don’t worry about this. It’s a solveable thing. And maybe your awakening to spirituality is quite intense – another reason to learn more about protecting yourself. Let me know how you get on. 🙂

  45. Thank You Dixie, My son died of an Aortic Aneurysm. The doctors said that nothing could have been done. No symptoms, just sudden. “Timing” I feel in my heart that It was his time and God called him home. The name “Mark” I don’t know. I saw a counselor years ago by that name. Or maybe a Mark will come in the future. My dream of the Blue Flames consuming everything quickly was comforting. I felt like God is going to put a stop to pain , death and evil and it will come quickly. I will see my son again someday.
    Weeks before my son died, I would dream of my mother every night. My mother passed back in 2007. There was nothing significant in any dream other than she was just there. It started to worry me that something bad was about to happen.

    1. Hey Margie – how are you going? I was thinking about you and your son last night. I know how intense grief can be and I feel for you going through this terrible time. As one mother to another – I send you love and my best wishes each day.
      I’m heartened to hear that you have sensed your mum around, and please take this as a sign that she’s with your son and they are both with you in spirit too. Trying to bring comfort and warmth to your days.
      The name Mark might not have been a name – but a term – the mark of something. I’m not sure – all I know is that as I was typing the first reply I kept getting this very strong word “mark” that I kept subconciously trying to type. It was unusual and I thought it might have meant something to you. I also thought though that it’s a name. Again – look for the signs that he (and your mum) are there trying to reassure you of his being ok, and wanting to ensure you feel his love and support. For me I used to sometimes feel like a hand was on my back or shoulder…but also music would play at odd times that had special meaning, and I’d find feathers and perfect oval stones everywhere. Both of which had special meaning for me. Signs come in all kind of ways. Just be open to them.
      Warmest love,

  46. My 38 yr old son died suddenly last week. I am very grief stricken and started to have nightmares shortly after his death. One night I dreamed that I was in a place like the living dead, everyone was evil and I was trying to get away from them. Then I saw 2 small blue flames in the distance. Then the blue flames consumed everything quickly. I was not burned or consumed.

    1. HI Margie, I’m so sorry to hear about your son. Please take care of yourself through this terrible time of intense grief and know that your son is with you. I’m not sure if the name Mark means anything but as I write this, it’s a name that keeps coming up for me. It may be of significance to you. Not sure. I would like to tell you that everything is going to be ok – but I get the feeling that your son’s death is going to bring up a lot of questions fo r you that will linger for a long time – and may also need to be taken action on when you are ready. I’ve given a lot of thought to the dreams you mentioned – and my understanding is as follows:
      The blue flames are to bring comfort and reassure you that whatever ‘evil and bad stuff’ you may have associated with your son’s death are not real. The darkness and deadness being portrayed as consumed by these flames is simply to reassure you that there is more goodness than bad in both what happened, and where your son is. He’s in a good place – your fears for his soul being lost somewhere (purgatory or hell – what ever name you wish to put to it) are simply your own fears – he’s ok and you’ll get some confirmation of this soon. that confirmation may come as a sign from any number of sources but you will know it for what it is when you see/hear/experience it. Ok. Typical signs that our loved ones send us are things like a white feather at your feet or where you don’t expect to find one, or finding something you’d long since lost unexpectedly turn up that means something special, a specific song plays at a special moment in your day, and you’ll just FEEL the gentle heart of your son. I don’t know what your sign may be – but you’ll know it.

      Wishing you love and light today,

      (Sorry but I keep wanting to write a couple of words that seem to need to be written – and I’m not sure what they mean – but I’m going to write them anyway…. Forgiveness and ‘sorry’ – and that ‘it’s going to be ok’. I don’t know the circumstances of your son’s death but as I’ve been writing these lines to you these words keep almost falling from my fingertips. I do hope you understand them. Feel free to reach out for more help with this if/when you wish to. I also drew a couple of cards on this – There is something more about time. Time seems to be somehow significant to you or to him. Perhaps it was that there is a sense of divine timing (maybe seen by those of us left behind as ‘accidental’ timing). Not sure- but TIME keeps coming up too. Sometimes we instinctively choose the time for our departure…
      Margie as I’ve re-read over waht I’ve written for you here I’m unsure as to how much this might actually make sense – but yet I feel compelled to share all of it with you so I’m going to do that – I’ve reviewed and re-written some parts….I have a sense of unease about this…but I’m unwilling to go further at this point. Again – the word “TIMING” comes up for me.
      I’ll leave it here for now.

  47. This help me a little but I still don’t understand some things and I would like to know more about this because people don’t understand me and I don’t understand something myself I need more learning on this spiritual fire

    1. Hi Sharon, I’m delighted you found this somewhat helpful. Perhaps you’d like to consider a reading to take your understanding to another level. Happy to help further if you think that might help. I’m getting that you have some powerful energies and these feel a little ‘uncontrollable’ at times. Your ability to use white light protection is important for you as these energies surge quite intensly at times.


  48. I’m still learning what it means to be an empath (6 months) and have been meditating a lot more lately. When I get into a deep meditative state, in my mind I see blue fire running down my arms to my fingertips. Sometimes it’s over my whole body, but that’s more difficult to visualize. It’s rippling, brilliantly blue fire, and I don’t feel any heat or pain. It’s also a 100% positive feeling and I feel extremely powerful…in a good way…when it happens.
    Any idea what this means?
    Sometimes I also just see (in my mind) blue fireballs in my hands with flames that go up 8″ or so.

    1. Hi Michael, your journey to becoming an empath sounds really interesting. I’d love to hear more about that. The Blue Flames are simply a part of your journey towards deeper awareness of yourself spiritually. As your self awareness increases, your ability to heal and help also increases and the flames are symbolic of your deep spiritual protection from and connection with Archangel Michael.

      PS – Please let me know if you’re willing to write more for this site about your journey. Thanks.

  49. I may be way off base commenting here but just looking for an opinion. When I was 17 I was a run away. I had some family issues obviously and was staying at a friend house. That stay had come to an abrupt end one day and the cops were called. I ran of course not wanting to go back home. I had to run through the woods and find my way to my boyfriend’s house (at the time, who is now my husband). So I was crouching in the woods hoping the coast was clear because I had spotted a cop earlier. I just kept sitting there in the woods wondering when I should leave, it was almost dusk. Out of nowhere a blue flame. All by itself, no humans, no lighter but there it was. Floating in mid air. I wasn’t scared but I took it as a sign to go now. I made it. I never had to go back and reconnected with my mom later that year. (For background purposes) lol. So fast forward to never thinking of that flame again till around Oct this year. I awoke needing to use the restroom. I just lay there looking at my bathroom door which was ajar maybe an inch. Then I realized there is a blue light in my bathroom. Why was there a blue light? No sooner did I think that question it went out. I was frozen in fear. I woke my husband made him look. Nothing. It made me remember the flame from my teen years and I was just wondering, if this could be the flame you speak of. Just curious.

    1. I’m not sure why there was calm and certainty the first time and fear the second – but take some time to reflect on this question. What strikes me as interesting is that you were fearful in your state when you saw the first one and calm the second time.
      Take some time to meditate on this and you’ll get some clarity ok. It wont be the last time you see this light – and it’s not harmful for you ok.

  50. I had a dream about thousands of blue flame like spirits and wondered if u had some incite on that? Thank you CMP

    1. HI Charles, well it would help to have more information about the dream, but I can suggest that this is simply a signal to you of your awareness growing spiritually about your ability to impact posivitely on others. You’re going to affect a lot of people – perhaps from a platform that means one-to-many not just one-to-one. Let me know if you’d like to book a reading for further exploration of this. (https://www.timetrade.com/book/9W57K ) Ok.
      Happy 2017,

  51. Hi there,
    I had a dream last night where a male and female presence were on either side of me. We all look up and a huge circle filled with feathery blue flames with a white ring around it appears. The circle gives off a large heat blast and we all bend backwards, feeling the wave roll over us. Before the heat wave came, I knew it was coming and when I bent backwards, the 2 enteties followed suit without me saying a word. This is the first fire dream I’ve had where I could actually feel the wave rolling over me. I wasn’t afraid or felt like the wave was meant to cause me harm. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

    1. I feel this is a dream about assurance and protection. The masculine and feminine, and also the flexibility (of bending backwards) all seem relevant somehow. I’m interested in whether you have another dream or intuitions around this further – but I’m not getting a particularly clear message around it myself beyond that it’s about your being in a very good place right now and to rest in that for a while – more work is coming your way.

      I’m happy to book a reading for you if you’d like me to delve more deeply into this for/with you.


    2. In 2008, I had a vision/dream while awake of being in a room where the entire place filled with orange & red feather like fire. Everyone around me disappeared except for a person/spirit that looked exactly like me. However, as the flames started climbing upwards, the entity just looked at me and kept laughing. I wasn’t sure if it was a devil/demon that took on my form but I remember in that vision feeling fear. At this present time, I’ve been asking for my sight/vision/gifts to be revealed or given back to me as when I was younger, I asked for it to be taken away because of what I would see in dreams and the shapes of light and dark moving when I’d close my eyes. If you believe there is something deep to delve into, I’d like to book a reading with you.

  52. Probably around 6-7 years ago i awoke in the middle of the night, in a sort of groggy, hypnotic trance, and sat straight up in bed like a spring. At the foot of my bed stood a man surrounded in blue flames. They were wildly moving but they had no sense of chaos. The man was a strong-looking man whose voice was very calm. He smiled at me and told me to go back to sleep. I think I sort of said yes or nodded and fell directly back into my pillow for sleep. I passed it off as a dream before but I know it’s real. I read it could be the archangel Michael, and that makes sense with my Catholic upbringing. But I’m no longer a Catholic and actually follow a very liberating, “religionless” basis for living, loving, and appreciating. I’m reading a book called Let Your Spirit Guides Speak, and much of what it says are things I’ve already known, so I can’t understand why I “lost” my ability to communicate directly with whoever was speaking with me. I’ve also had other dreams, religious dreams that I would like to talk about but have not found a person to speak of them with, dreams of spirits in my home telling me to “not be afraid”, dreams that have foretold future events, and even dreams about journeying into my own mind. In summation, can you help me identify the man in blue flames? Direct me to someone I can speak with about my dreams? Nudge me in a direction of something that will help me rekindle my inner spiritual flame to the bonfire it once was? Thank you for reading this, if anything!

    1. The Man in the blue flames was Archangel Michael – you are very safe and very blessed – your vision of him was to help you start trusting your intuitive self, to connect more closely with your spiritual side and to (sorry I’m only getting what I’m given here) stop wasting time. I am told you’ll know what this means – as you’ve heard it before. You have special work to do and it’s nothing to do with your catholic upbringing – but everything to do with helping others. Your dreams give more information and you need to start paying close attention to messages you ‘think’ you are getting.

    2. Thank you. I’m sorry, I didn’t see your response until now. I appreciate you taking the time to communicate your thoughts with me.

  53. I had an experience seeing a blue flame today, came to the internet to see what it could possibly mean and found your site. I was stopped at a stoplight in my car. Across the intersection, around the level of trees and powerlines, I saw a giant blue flame. It was teardrop shaped and reminded me of a gas flame. It burned for maybe 10 seconds and was gone. I circled around the block to see if maybe there was a fire in the powerlines, but there was no sign that anything had burned. I have recently been distraught over the loss of my cat. I had her for almost 17 years and was very connected to her. I had her put down recently as her health was declining and have been terribly upset at both the loss and the thought that maybe I should have hospiced my best friend longer. I’ve been thinking that I will need to find a way to release this grief and inner turmoil. I can only think that the flame came to me as some sort of message related to this recent event.

    1. HI Dana,
      I believe you are experiencing some healing energy from your guides. Your connection to your cat was very deep and this has triggered more issues for you around loss and a few frustrations going on for you lately. It’s time to put yourself forward for some healing time and that means grief and self care time. Your cat – I’m seeing her as a white cat – if she was not actually white, then I’m seeing her white as a sign of her being in a lovely spiritual place where she’s at peace. Maybe both – but I’m definitely seeing her as White. You have no need to second guess yourself about your care for her and choosing her ending. You gave her much love to the end and she’s aware of that. When you are ready you’ll have another cat and this one will also be very special. You’ll almost feel as though he’s an old soul. I sense this is a time of transition for you… just relax and flow with the changes as much as you can.

  54. I had a strange dream. I was in front of the mirror with one hand above the other. Through the mirrors reflection I could see between my hands a growing spark that grew to a golf ball size blue flame. My forehead heard streaks of blue light moving down the sides of my face, through my collar bones down my arms, and out through the palms of my hands to feed the blue flame.

    At the beginning of the dream I could only see the blue flame through the reflection from the mirror, by the end of the dream the blue flame had really materialised between the palms of my hand independent from the mirror.
    My thoughts through the dream was:”if I can imagine it; I can see it; If I can hold on to it; it will really happen.

    1. Wow – Nathi that sounds like a profoundly spiritual experience. Yes I believe if you can see it, feel it, hold it, you can also manipulate it to last as long as you need it to – IT being anything you desire. It’s also a sign for you about energy and your affinity with energies. Are you a natural healer? Keep me posted – I’d love to hear more if you continue to experience these things – and I’m sure you will.

    2. Hi! Dixie
      Thanks for the reply!

      I’ll try to be concise. The truth is I’ve had many other spiritual experiences, that I feel it’s proper to put the blue flame dream into context. I’m the only son of my father amongst my for sisters, and I’m much younger than them. The youngest of my four sisters is twelve years older than I am. Before I was born my father had wanted a son, to no avail.

      I had a normal life; I grew up; studied; and finally graduated with a degree. I started experiencing a strange presence(but none threatening) around me when I was studying for my post graduate degree. Sometimes when I felt “it” I would stop whatever I was doing and say:”I know you’re here”, then the feeling would stop. I would feel a gentle tingling touch on my head; sometimes on my arm; sometimes on my face; at other times on my back.

      I got a job as a banker. I loved my job, but soon things started going awry. I visited a shaman. I did not tell him anything, except to ask him: “What is happening in my life and my family?” He accurately described my life including my work life. He said I am not alone. He said I have an unacknowledged guardian. He said to me, before I was born this guardian gave me a gift which remains unmanifested, He said this acknowledgement was supposed to have happened when I was born, but because it was not done I remain as a child spiritually, and my gift remains unmanifested. He said I’ll lose my job, because I’m being undermined by some of my colleagues at work. He told me what some of my colleagues had said to me, and truly I had heard them day those things, because they had said them to my face.

      A few months later I did loose my job, my relationships, my properties etc. I went back to the shaman I asked him the same question: “what is happening in my life?”. He asked me how I’m doing, and I lied and said I was fine. He asked me “where is your girlfriend?”, and I did not answer. He says I’m like a man in a desert; thirsty and tired and carrying a heavy load.

      Few months later the presence visited me again, but this time it was far stronger than anything I had felt before; air felt like it was charged with electricity. I could feel it standing in front of me. It went back and forth through me. It felt like I was standing at the edge of the sea, and waves washing over me; except it was energy moving though me. That day my body was tingling the whole day.

      I had a dream. I dreamt my recently departed uncle in my bedroom sitting on a chair. He asked me What I was dreaming. Months later I had an edge to erect an ancestral altar, and I built it where my uncle was sitting. I lit three candles – two were white for my ancestors, and one was yellow for my guardian. I had tobacco; sweets; white porridge drink; photos; and incense. I called my known ancestors I asked them to pass my invocation even to those unknown, even to guardians of God that never lived on earth in flesh. I asked that they pass on my invocations right through to God Himself. That night I slept on the foot of the altar on cushions I had placed there.

      I dreamt I awoke on the altar, but remained on the floor. I felt a mature middle aged woman had walked into my bedroom while I still laid on the foot of the altar; though I could feel her, and hear her, but I couldn’t see her. She said: “something this good(referring to an altar) cannot go unacknowledged”. I was close to the floor, so I could hear perfectly synchronized foot steps from all around me coming towards me and the altar each time getting louder and louder until they sounded like one big explosion. That’s when I felt an energy from within me exploding to fill my body. Above my body the air felt full of energy. I felt like a huge bird of pray was flying over me, then it swooped down on me like a fish eagle as it passed over my body I felt strings of energy shooting from my body towards the yellow candle on the altar.

      I stood on my knees facing the altar I could see that two white candle had already burned finished. The yellow was still burning, but the flame dancing like the room was windy, and yet it did not extinguish. At no point of this experience did I feel afraid or threatened, so I went back to sleep on the foot of the altar and fell asleep. When I did awake again all the candles were lit and burning calmly. To this day, I’m not sure if this was a dream or a real experience, but I think it was a dream.

      The dream about the blue flame between my hands is, but one of many strange dreams and experiences that if I were to fit the all here I would write a novel.

    3. There will continue to be a lot more spiritual growth for you and at times it will take your breath away – literally! You’ll feel such profound levels of energy you’ll tingle for hours. I’m so in awe of the work you are here to do. It’s mostly about healing – but more than that too. You’ve the ability to affect people in lovely ways.

  55. Oh hello, I just *stumbled* across this post while looking up info on seeing blue flames. I hope it’s not too late to add a comment.
    I have been slowly waking up and becoming more aware though I am only just starting and learning or possibly remembering. It has been wonderful so far and I have certainly been experiencing different things, some I cannot explain or begin to understand but all feel positive and nurturing.
    Last night in bed long before feeling tired I saw the most vivid blue flames. They were almost like gas flames and were vibrant blue, sometimes purple. I actually had my eyes open during most of it and in a slight panic but not a scared panic I kept blinking my eyes thinking my eyes or mind were playing tricks on me though it really looked like I was seeing it with my 3rd eye. This is the very first time I have experienced this 3rd eye. So incredible if it was.
    I was not scared, I wanted to delve deeper and see something more perhaps a meaning or message but it did seem to be only flames though did morph a bit into a lotus flower shape at one stage? I thought I saw faces but can’t be sure. I have not read anything about seeing blue flames before seeing them last night which makes me feel better knowing it may have been a sign and not something I had in my subconscious from reading or hearing about it. I was amazed to find quite a lot when I googled it. I didn’t think I would.
    Just prior to the visual I had my usual ringing in my ear. I often have what feels like communication in my ears, it can be either ear. It has been increasing and I have been trying to communicate back. Sometimes asking for it to quieted down which it did instantly. Wow that was such an incredible feeling! I actually connected.
    So last night I had a distinct ring in my ear and I said in my head I really wish I knew what you were trying to tell or communicate with me and then instantly the flames appeared.
    I feel a tingling sensation and goosebumps like I have a few times before. I knew it was not my mind.
    I would love to know more about it if you are able to. Any symbolism, anything that may come to you about it. I too love colour and have worked with it in some form though not therapy but strangely have always felt like I should. Blues are also my favourite hue.
    I feel so grateful to have experienced what I did and really enjoying connecting, wakening (for lack of a better word) and learning.
    Thanks so much in advance. Love that I found this thread!

    1. HI Mel,
      thanks for sharing your experience. It’s interesting how this stuff works isn’t it. 🙂 I think for all of us it’s different but there are increasing numbers of people commenting in much the same way as you are, that they are getting images of blue flames and messages associated with them. I believe personally that we are seeing these as a means of coming awake to our power and insights, and the best thing we can do is to share these to help others starting to experience the same. Welcome to this part of the journey. I hope to hear more from you about your experiences. Mostly – just trust that you are being guided through this and continue to ask for insights from your guides. I find that meditating on the Blue Flames I’m shown is very helpful.

    2. I had a very similar experience with the blue flame. I received confirmation from my guides of having met my twin flame. Problem is there are obstacles to overcome before we can be reunited. I don’t know how to overcome those obstacles or where to begin. I continue to ask for guidance and to follow the path of my guides. My awakening is occurring very quickly and the manifestations in the earthly realm are happening just aso quickly. My heart is full of love and light and I know that I’m on the verge of sharing this gift with others. I asked my guide how to overcome these obstacles and was shown the blue flame. My eyes where closed and I had such a sense of peace. I desperately want to take action, try to force the situation to meet my own desires, but the answer I keep getting is to wait. Patience is not my thing and I don’t want to close myself off from this beautiful thing. I want to keep moving forward. Just trying to figure out the meaning and identify some of these amazing experiences that defy all earthly logic and reason.

  56. Thank you, Dixie, for this post!

    I myself have a strong psychic affinity as well. Years ago I got to know a very strong psychic person with whom I had instant connection and many powerful and symbolic dreams. One of these I have just visualized again recently, after he passed away as a consequence of some of his earthly actions. We are standing in a dark cave, water is dripping everywhere, some light is shimmering through from the openings and a clear fountain is also flowing towards the entrance. But in this dark hall of the cave everything is black and pure, only we see eachother in a very clear way. He is standing in front of me, we are wearing black robes and at one point we turn around, thus turning our backs to eachother, body to body and hold hands. A huge, natural and pure wave of energy is starting to rise up, we raise our heads in this euphoric rush and around us in a perfect circle blue flames arise. It is a wonderful, divine moment of joint forces and intentions. Of course I felt the meaning but I never had a clue about the key element: the flames being blue. Until I found your site 🙂 I’ve been wondering for years what the blue flames in my vision could mean and now I understand it perfectly!

    Wish you lots of strength and the ability to focus throughout your journey and constant harmony between your spirit and your undertakings! May the Divine bless you and your life, along with those around you! Nicole

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Nicole – it’s wonderful when these things finally start to make sense and the pieces fit clearly. I do hope more of us can share our understanding and insights into these Blue Flame Expereinces – as they seem to be increasing in number and the more we all understand it the easier it will be.

  57. Hildebrando Beltran dream or seem like an out-of-body experience when I open my eyes I saw my entire body Engulfed blue Flame blame it was not burning he just felt cool I looked at my arms and my body my legs and went back to sleep.

  58. My sister said a prayer and asked to hang somebody on a cross of blue flames until their soul bow down can you tell me what this means?

    1. HI Tonya, it’s very hard to know without more information sorry – relevant to the situation, why did she ask they be hung on a cross of blue flames, and what do you mean by ‘until their soul bow down’…
      Happy to help further but this is a little lacking in information to help with.

  59. My Flames Range from Lightning Blue or Black depending on the intensity of the power meditation I am in. The effects I’ve dealt with the blue flame is extreme confidence, almost as if I can do anything but it makes my lightbody hot but my body doesn’t perceive it as heat just a high frequency now with the black is a whole different story! But the blue flame is given to the initiates of the left handed path whether past lif or present.

  60. Hi Dixie,
    7:22 pm this past Earth Day, marked my one year anniversay for being awake. I say it has only been a year however I am realizing I have been connected since I was a kid I just didn’t know it. Every day I experience something extraordinary and I am so thankful. I have been working on meditation and during one particular session I clearly saw a green candle with a blue flame. I do understand we must interpret things in our own way so I do not want to ask you what that means, (even though a part of me does) but nothing in my research so far has resonated with me regarding its meaning. Since you mentioned you had done some intense “wading” I was wondering if you could point me in a direction. I was guided to your site so I know there is some piece of info I need to obtain here.
    Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge with us.
    Kristine 🙂

    1. HI Kristine,
      Welcome back… to your awareness. 🙂
      You’re comment in full, highlights for me a couple of references to earth, (earth day, green candle)… ok, so I’m going with the feeling that your colours are what you need to most understand in relation to dreams and meditation interpretation. You have a clear sense of yourself, and colours are important to you. You either do now or are starting to see auras around people and animals… learn how this relates to your journey going forward. I feel that you also work with colours somehow and this will increase. Have you considered the idea of learning about colour therapy?

      Connecting to the earth, being aware of the magnificent colours around you every day will be part of your learning to work more closely with colour… it’s part of who you are. I also sense there was a time when colours were more gray and dark – this has also been part of your awakening lately. Coming from the shadow colours into the lightness.

      hope that helps…
      Let me know how things are going for you ok…

    2. Me again!
      Thank you for the guidance. I have been reflecting on the role colors have had in my life, and you are right…I never realized how influential they have been. Your reply has also helped give me some insight as to why the term “shadow” has been popping up lately. Auras have always peeked my interest and although I have never been successful in seeing them, I have been receiving hints even before our connection that that is about to change. Quite some time ago I was told mine was bright white. I have always felt good about that without knowing why.
      If you have found a particular book or website that has been helpful in color therapy I would not mind your guidance. Thank you again for your time. I know helping others is quite time consuming but it is very appreciative by those like me who wish to become stronger in order to help others. 🙂

  61. I am having a fairly intense surgery soon. I was told in a dream to “Find the assure Flame” prior to surgery. Not knowing what that meant I found this blog. Beautiful!!

  62. Hi there 🙂 i’m Gab ..turning 17 and i hope you could give me some answers about what i’m experiencing and the blue fire. well, since i was a kid i dreamt of me falling to this planet and having this belief that i’m here for a special reason . So when i was growing up i felt like a lot of eyes looking at me and in some events i saw some of THEM, weird spirits wearing black , gold and sometimes white aura . I also saw weird symbols. I sometimes heard people’s prayer and thoughts. I also met archangels. there’s also a girl i’ve met telling me that I’m different. I have dreams about soldiers wearing weird armor and telling me that ” hurry ..the time is near … you should finish your mission” . I also saw blue fire when i was taking my exam..it’s making me unconscious then later i got a vision .. blue fire coming my way and leading me to a strange place . well please tell me what’s going on..

    1. Hi Gab, wow… it sounds like your life is pretty busy already huh! Ok, well here’s my thoughts, and I’ve also drawn a couple of cards for you on this. First, know that you are a powerful lightworker and very clairvoyant. What you are seeing and experiencing is a reminder/awakening for you to remember you are here for good, and to help humanity. Your spirit guides are powerful and here to guide you through your life as a Crystal Child, and I suggest you look up that term if you are unfamiliar with it. (I’m currently writing a book about Crystal Children (CCs)as young adults but it’s not quite ready for release yet, but if you wish me to I’ll send you some parts that might help you). Your dreams of battle and soldiers is simply symbolic. The world is changing and special people like you are here to help herald in some of the positive changes. You may find yourself particularly drawn to either sciences, political news, or spiritual matters that to others seem far beyond your years. But I bet you are also used to feeling a bit ‘different’ and are often referred to as an old soul or very mature for your age. That’s totally normal for CCs. Don’t be afraid of the changes, you are armed with all you need to be part of this. Go with what you feel drawn to, pursue what might be otherwise termed as a passion or even an obsession – that’s part of your unique guidance helping you to ensure you are in the right place at the right times to serve your purpose here on earth in the coming waves of changes. I do get that you are more likely to want to be careful what you put into your body, perhaps you’ve already noticed you are sensitive to certain foods in a negative way, and by that I mean, you may be adverse to junk food, maybe even wish to be vegetarian or vegan. What ever that is for you, please be mindful of the importance of two things… learn about what’s good nutritionally for YOU. Again, let your internal guidance direct you. If you don’t feel like eating ‘a burger but really crave fruit salad’ for example, listen to your body. And learn what you need to do/be/have to be at your best. For example – get enough sleep, nourish your mind and your body and learn to be the best version of yourself you can be, so that you are best able to tap into the energy you need to follow your purpose and life your passions. This is not supposed to sound like a ‘motivational talk’ but a message from your cards drawn today tell me that I’m right in helping to direct you towards absolute mindfulness about these things. Finally, talk to someone who is already a spiritual worker or lightworker (your guides will help you to locate the best person) and talk about the necessary protection and energies you are going to be working with. Let me know if I can be of further assistance ok. And thanks for being here. 🙂

  63. Hi there 🙂 i’m Gab ..turning 17 and i hope you could give me some answers about what i’m experiencing and the blue fire. well, since i was a kid i dreamt of me falling to this planet and having this belief that i’m here for a special reason . So when i was growing up i felt like a lot of eyes looking at me and in some events i saw THEM, weird spirits wearing black and sometimes white . I also saw weird symbols. I sometimes heard people’s prayer. I also met archangels.I also met a girl , telling me that I’m different. I have dreams about an soldiers wearing weird armor and telling that the time is near . I also saw blue fire when i was taking my exam in CAT. well please tell me what’s going on..

    1. Jeepers Gab – wow. Welcome to ‘here’ and I can’t wait to learn more about your journey actually – it’s pretty interesting already.

      I’m not sure I can tell you any more than you can perhaps tell me – sounds like you’re definitely here for a reason, and have lots of work to do, but I think you’re working outside my personal realm of ability to help clarify much for you.

      Blue flames are usually signs of protection and love, spiritual safety and angelic realm stuff… (sorry the word stuff might not be the right one, but you’ll get it ;-)…) Keep talking to your guides – you already know who they are. You’ve met some of them… trust is a big thing for you spiritually, but keep on talking to your guides and learn about trusting your intuition and guidance.


  64. Well i’m very spiritual i astral project invlountary i don’t do anything to induce it i don’t drink, do drugs, and for god sakes i don’t even cuss. I remember listening to my audio bible of the old testament for about an hour i had a lavender candle lit beside me and 3 seven day candles lit in my kitchen these candles help me in the spiritual realm because they are brighter on the other side and help prevent the darkness from coming around as i begin to fall asleep i saw flames coming from my kitchen towards me i fell asleep then astral projected to ther otherside of my bed and sat there what i saw was god fearing i saw blue flames walking towards me it had two legs to arms eyes and a mouth its like lookong at someone’s body engulfed in flames except they were blue it begin to talk it’s voice was very calm it told me it was only here to help before i knew it i was back in my body and i awoke

    1. Wow that’s a pretty amazing experience – thanks for sharing it. I know that the sign of the Blue Flame engulfing the body and the subsequent feeling of calm was intended to be reassuring for you. So keep safe, protect yourself with white light and hold the intention of protection and love to keep the darkness away. remember, when you stand in your power, you light up dark corners. Work with your guides to learn more about your own abilities and connect with other spiritual people to share and learn too.

  65. Hello, I hope I found a place where I can get help. I haven’t done very heavy research, but I’m becoming more desperate to find answers.

    When I was 14 or 15, I was watering my veggie garden, in my backyard. It was night time when I decided to water the plants, because I procrastinated during the day. I was either talking or singing to the plants while I was watering. I turned to the right and there was a big, burning blue flame a foot before me. I didn’t feel heat, or hear anything. It was all visual. It was levitated and probably the size of a small person…to give an idea. I stood staring at it for several seconds when it began to slowly shrink, it shrank till it disappeared. I was so freaked out, I think I ran back to my house.

    The next night, or two nights after, I took out the trash. I walked to the front yard, in order to get to the side of the house, and open a gate to where the trash cans were. Again, I was just in the middle of my task, when I turned my head to the right, to unlatch the gate, and there I saw a burning red flame. This one was much smaller, and it disappeared within a couple seconds.

    I had been seeing a ghost of a woman and a dog, and little tiny white lights around that time. It became too much for me I guess, and I asked god to take away whatever 6th sense I had. Since then, I haven’t seen anything (except for an evil spirit bothering me a few years ago).

    I ask my guardians, god, anything to help me reopen my third eye, I want to find out what those flames meant, what I was being shown. I hope I didn’t lose that sense forever, but it’s been approx 10 years since then.

    Can you, or anyone help me find out what kind of signs those were?

    1. Hi Melinda, first I’m very sorry for taking so long to reply – somehow your comment became lost in the channels of cyberspace…
      In response to your question about the meaning behind the flames and spirits you saw. I can tell you that these came as signs that you do indeed have an ability to see and sense spirit, and the blue flame is a sign that you are protected spiritually on your journey. The Blue Flame is often a sign that Archangel Michael is also watching over you. If you asked God to take away your ability to sense spirit and to delay your emergence in this way, then you need only ask God/Your Angels/Archangel Michael to help you become ready to work with spirit. This won’t happen overnight – but will take time as you emerge into your ability to step into your power. Start by talking with other psychics, get to know more about your angels, and even go for a reading with a very reputable spiritual advisor. This process will start to open you up to conversations, opportunities to learn and evolve, and to explore safely what you need to know about protecting yourself, working with God (whoever your personal definition of ‘God’ is) and much more. There is much to learn, and a wonderful world awaits you. But ease into it if you can. You’re guides will guide you – invite them in.

  66. Hello! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I came to check it out. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Outstanding blog and superb design and style. dgdgebkddeda

  67. My sixteen year son has been seeing a blue flame out of the corner of his eye lately. One time it actually looked like it was coming out of his friends mouth but he thinks it just happened to be where his friend was standing.

  68. The Blue Flame, surrounds and adds strength and protects the white light, Thoth of the Emerald Tablets said it was at the center of the flower of life within the Halls of Amenti, have you read anything on this?

    1. HI Kathy – no I’ve not read about this, but will do so and thanks for the information that will help me with this research. Let me know if you also find more about this.
      Dixie Maria

    2. HI Kathy, I’ve not found anything further than what you have said about this white flower. Beautiful. I’m still looking though for anything relative to the blue Flames as I believe this was a gift from spirit to me to start conversations about it. The comments so far and the sharing/journeys I’ve been privileged to learn about has been extraordinary. I’m excited about what this all means. And yet at some levels I’m feeling very lost in the process of learning about it all. I believe I’m merely a conduit for sharing and communication about this subject – and await the next phase.

  69. i found myself standing beside a young man telling me he had never seen a bottle like that before (a 70’s blue glass decanter with a flame top) while also saying he had never seen a bottle like that before,yet there it was… in his dream last night. Next adding that the bottle was filled with his tears and i wondered what i might say in response.??? I recall saying something like the ‘blue flame ‘ has taken care of all of your problems now , thats all! and smiled.Now I find myself here sharing this with the whole! thank-you!

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