Psychic Readings

Dixie-Maria is a Certified Angel Card Reader (2014) as well as a Certified Coach (2004), she is clairaudient, clairvoyant, and claircognizant.

When you want some clarity, about who you are, what’s going on, how to move forward, or a range of things that are just part of life, I can help you.

Some History…

“I used to do these for friends and family members, and the occasional messages would come through for people I’d really only just met too and I always thought this was just ‘nice to share’ but didn’t think much more about it.  I’d studied for a couple of years to become a coach and that was really the start of my channeling information.  I’d go off into a zone and things would come up and I’d feel compelled sometimes to share this information with people I was working with.  Finally after several years of being simply known in my family and to many friends that I was ‘a wise old gal’, who sometimes spoke to spirits, I started to take these abilities a little  more seriously.”

In 2010 I realised that while I’d always thought these two sides of my life were very separate, I was being guided more and more to merge them together and help people using both sets of skills and abilities.  Just as I was firmly guided to set up this website to share ideas and connect with people who are also interested in ‘where spirituality meets practicality’,  I’m now guided to be available for special psychic readings – both in person, or if you live far away, I can also work with you via Skype or phone.

I specialise in working with young widows and use a combination of Egyptian throwing stones, angel cards, pendulum, and channeling.  You can contact me via the form below.

I look forward to helping you in your quest for peace, certainty, or clarity.

Dixie Maria

Please either use the form below and I’ll contact you and make a booking or you can use this link to access my calendar and time options directly.


  • Standard reading – (45 minutes) $75.00 AUD
  • Widow’s support session and reading (90 minutes) $120.00 AUD

Credit Card details will be obtained at the start of your session. Thanks.

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