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If you are a bit like me and want to know more about spiritual growth of yourself and others who have written about their own emergence into becoming mediums and/or healers, I’ve read these books and can highly recommend them – please feel free to add to this list.

Rosemary Altea – The Eagle and the Rose

Richard Lawrence – Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels

Anything by Allison DuBois –

Anything by Richard Webster

For widows needing help, resources, and a friendly connection

For spiritual development in the workforce, and meditation, guidance

Jasmine Sampson –

2 thoughts on “Recommended Reading & Links

  1. i have a friend that produsices a blue flame on each hand but he can’t figure out whats its porpuce can some one help please TY

    1. I believe your friend has healing energy and perhaps he’s not had a chance to use this or learn how to direct it. I recommend he consider talking with someone at a psychic fair or meet with a spiritual healer who can help him to learn more about this gift. I have a friend in Italy, and elderly lady now, whose hands would burn as she built up stores of healing energy in her body and sometimes she would just say – please let me put my hands on you and do some healing – and she’d start to sort of massage your neck or shoulders, and it was like having an iron go over your clothes while wearing them. She came from a long ancestral line of healers and psychic mediums. The best thing for your friend is to learn how to direct this energy producing the blue flame, so that it can be released. Storing it in his body is not helpful for him.
      I do hope this helps.

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