As the world tilts…

The energies of the world are being impacted by an outpouring of love, peace, and calm, despite the fact that protests are raging around the globe. Why? Because peace, love, and calm is being urged by all the protestors in the face of what many are seeing as tyranny and deceit by leaders of the ”free” world. The term itself is being reviewed as many feel that freedoms are being compromised through mandating and rules that make no sense.

When this happens, the freedom fighters are marching, standing up and asking a lot of questions, and commanding their presence be noticed and acknowledged. In support of that is the prayers, love, and compassion by those who are not able to join in those actual protests, but are sending their spiritual support as best they can.

The result of this, is that perhaps for the first time in decades, there is more unity, more love, more positive energy being shared and promoted around the world. How wonderful is that?

Shifts are happening. Are you feeling the storms pass through and sending love on the winds of change?

There’s a definite feeling of there being some heavy storm clouds passing. Today as I write this, I’m listening to heavy wind passing through the country I’m in. The winds, and driving rains have been relentless for days now. A little sun peeks through but then the wind and rain starts again. I like to think that this is all blowing away the darkness we’ve been working through for the last few months. Since covid plunged the world into it’s first Lockdowns in early 2020, nearly two years ago, we’ve trudged along, questioned, pondered, talked about the big questions of “what’s going on really”. We’ve also learned about taking our freedoms, our health and wellbeing for granted. Our families have been separated, and our tensions have been stretched to breaking point in many instances. We’ve been faced with more death, mental health issues, lack of clarity, and certainty has been eroded at every turn in some places.

So what have we learned about what we want for our future? Now that many countries are opening up, forging ahead in recovery mode. Many are dropping mandates and seeking new pathways forward… so what do we want the future we’ve had to put on hold, to look like?

I sense a bigger shift taking place beyond the now. Once the governments are shaken to their core by the people rising up, we’re going to see new ways of electing and managing our leaders. We’re going to see new ways that people are left behind. And we’re going to be encouraged to fresh hope, cleaner lifestyles, and increased unity. Where do you see yourself in this?

If you’re one of the people who has been mandated out of a career, or have a new sense of who you want to be, but can’t quite see the clarity of that yet, but want help to do this, then maybe some think time, connecting with others around a white light to explore what the new world, your new you is like, please drop a note in the comments below. If we can get enough people interested in this, we’ll start scheduling some special white light/blue flames sessions online to explore these ideas together.

For today – keep feeling and channeling the love that the world needs more of to see this through. And thank you for doing so.



My Surrender Experiment

This year I’ve been working on a new way of thinking  based on a book by Michael A. Singer, called The Surrender Experiment.   As part of this, I’m doing my best to take my hands off the steering wheel of my life and allow things to develop and organically happen a lot more than before.  Instead of trying to force flow, I’m allowing flow to… well, to FLOW.  As a result of this, I just looked back over the last 12 months and was astounded to see where I’ve been, what I’ve experienced, and how people have moved into and out of my  path.

One thing I’ve become more aware of, is that there are beings, guides, souls, angels – perhaps a combination of these – who are looking out for me.  They have my back, and they are wise enough to guide and direct without further complicating my life.  As such, I’m reminded in a myriad of ways to trust.  To have faith.  To wait – and I’m far from being the most patient person in my life – just ask my kids.  😉 .

Part of this is also about listening to my body.  If I need rest, I’ll rest more – even if that means a nap in the afternoon or going back to bed after breakfast.  If I’ve had a sleepless night I now give myself permission to catch up on what my body needs.  Ahead of what the rest of the world might be asking of me.  Most days.

Medically I’ve had to check my bloods and found that I’m ok.  I’m doing better than ok in most areas of my life healthwise, but a small issue a few months ago just led me to get checked for surety.   All good.   Yay!

I caught up with a wonderful friend who I believe is one of the most profoundly talented clairvoyants around and we talked the other day about our respective gifts and what we want to do with there – more surrendering.   I’ve also loved engaging further with this community and being called on to answer more questions and inquiries about the Blue Flames and to embrace this gift as it was given by my own guides nearly 10 years ago.

And that is what brings me now to this.   The point.

The Blue Flames was a ‘command’ by one of my own guides in 2009.  “Set up the website – people need to know how to find out about this.  Blue flames are everywhere and people everywhere are curious,”  Said Shelby.  So here I am – still writing a regular blog and answering questions about this interesting phenomenon.  And the more I do this, the more I learn to trust that I’m being given the answers to share.  This perhaps has been the greatest of all the ‘hands off the steering wheel’ challenges.   Learning to simply allow the information and support to be what’s needed at any one time.  By any individual.

So what next?

Let’s explore this a little further shall we?

What if… 

  1. What if more people wanted more help with this – can I, one person handle that?
  2. What if more people wanted readings from me  – can I, one person handle that?
  3. What if more people were guided to be part of building this community – would I welcome that?
  4. What if more writers, word wizards and witches, ooky spooky people like me wanted to have a place to share, explore, learn, experience – how would that look?

Well I know the answers to the first two – and it’s NO I as one person can’t do that all by myself.  I need some help sometimes. So I’m seeking anyone out there who might want to also either contribute some regular blogs or pieces – even poetry – about things relative to The Blue Flames.   I’m thinking 1-2 pieces a month.   Or several people all contributing on a regular basis.   I’m open to ideas – and again, surrendering the outcomes.

As for point 3 – what if we build this community – yes I’d welcome that,  a Lot.  I feel as though the last decade has been about establishing this as a serious and relatively busy platform for Q&As about ‘spirituality meeting practicality’. Let’s keep building.

Finally – point number 4 – what if we had more people sharing and learning, and experiencing….   how would that look?  

You tell me…. what might this look like?  How might we develop and grow?

I’m completely open to receiving thoughts, ideas, and input from you the community here.   Let’s start and keep talking about this.

For now – let’s get clear on what the questions are: 

  1. What do we want from this page?
    1. ie – access to people who can read, enlighten, teach?
    2. Occasional blogs and information  to enjoy reading?
    3. An interactive range of options like webinars, hangouts or podcasts and guests
    4. Something completely different?
  2. Do we want this to be a wide angled community – ie several managers here
    1. or a narrow community with just more of what you’ve been getting
    2. or a very open forum style community
    3. something else?
  3. Any other ideas, questions, suggestions?

Throw it at me folks.. I’m open to what you have to say.  So far in 11 years It’s been my privilege to help approximately 160 people to make sense of, understand, or figure out things relative to the Blue Flames seen or experienced.  There’s about 1400 followers on this site… so let’s see how far we can go?

Bring it on…



PS – I have a direct message from the angel who ‘gave me’ this website.

“Take a few minutes to look below the surface of what you think you’re seeing; that thing you’re worried about, that issue you’re grappling with right now.   Look under the top layer.  What are you seeing there?  What color, what flavor, what feeling do you have when you examine it closely – look closely, look from a few perspectives of space – how does that change what you see on top?  Rest with that and then decide.”  Shelby

(I know that when I received that – and I wrote it as dictated to me – it won’t make sense to everyone – but it’s going to be picked up and understood exactly as intended by many others.   Thank you Shelby.)

Self Care

There are a number of things we can all do to help preserve and nourish our wellbeing, especially at times of high stress. Boredom is also a sign of stress… you know that feeling of everything being too hard, the ability to get out of our own way because it’s all just blah…. As I’m writing this, I’m feeling the pressure of being cooped up too long, not enough to do due to lockdowns, and facing the need to address the cabin fever that’s impacting on my week.

Let’s review what we can do for ourselves when cabin fever hits:

  1. Journal. Write stuff down, be it a blog, article, or just our own journals for no one else to see but us. Rant, vent, nurture your inner child, do what you need to get the words out of your head so you can sleep.
  2. Colour. Use your crayons or pencils and draw or colour in the shapes in your mind, or those on a page in a colouring book. Adult colouring books are delicious ways to explore your (maybe) suppressed creativity and sometimes these colours need to be released from your mind just as much as words do.
  3. Cook or bake. Making a meal can be a ritualistic exercise. Kneading dough, slicing and chopping, stirring sauce, mixing batter…. what ever it takes to still your mind and encourage movement. Stir your senses with fragrance, texture, and vision.

These three things can all be done easily even when ‘stuck’ physically in a small place. They are also forms of meditation and that’s good for mental health and spiritual health too.

There are many other ways to self care, including exercise, growing things, playing music, and making love very slowly… but what ever works for you, turn it into something you do mindfully.

Then wait for the gentle voice of your guides to help ease your mind, sooth your worries, and bring you back to a place of calm. Remember, this too shall pass.



Sitting in my stillness

I find it really hard to meditate properly and yet when I do stop to take time and just listen to the silence, and let my mind wander where ever it needs to go I feel peace, and inspiration usually follows. But I wonder if we get too hung up on the concept of meditating and if I’m the only one who questions whether or not ‘I’m Doing It Right?!’.

When I’m walking with my dog at sunrise each day I can talk to my guides, listen to the fog lifting and return home feeling spiritually refreshed – is this ‘meditating’.   I know that when I am guided through a meditation by people ‘who do it right’ I can go to interesting places and spaces and come back feeling quite inspired in a whole different way – but are these two states of mind just one and the same but just of different intensities?
OK – so the real question I’m asking here is – is there a ‘right way’ or a ‘wrong way’ to reach the relaxed states of mind where inspiration and creativity reside?
I’d love to know how others feel about meditation.


Here’s 5 tips for anyone needing help to get started:

  1. Grab a couple of crystals, smooth shapes you like the feel of, one for each hand.
  2. Sit somewhere quietly… maybe some natural background sounds like rain, ocean, or birds.
  3. Get comfortable – it doesn’t have to be cross legged, or even sitting. You can even do a walking meditation through a forest or along a beach.
  4. Think about the stones or crystals in your hand, focus on those… but if other thoughts push in, practice moving them to a corner of your mind for later, or calmly tell them to wait quietly please. (you can also ask your angels or guides to help with this)
  5. Breath slowly, deeply, and just focus on your in and out breathing.

There’s no time limit -a 10 minute meditation can be just as calming as a longer one for some people. And practice this daily if you can. Soon you’ll be able to locate that quiet space in your mind as and when you need to.

Feathers, Stones, and Shiny Signs on the Ground

I have a great friend who lost her husband a few years ago, and she’s always posting about finding feathers that she takes as signs of greeting, support, encouragement from her husband and her angels. She has kind of started a whole feathers movement and it’s amazing how many people she in engaged with on Social media who let her know that they too are finding white feathers just when they need them.   It’s easy to think of these as being the angels’ way of letting us know they are there because we imagMagical stonesine angels having beautiful white wings and of course wings are feathered aren’t they.

But what about the other signs we find along the way in our day.   I for one often find feathers, but also special stones.   My favourite place to be where I can feel the most connected with my angels and with spirit is on the beach, and there’s where I usually find special shaped or coloured stones.  I’m a complete kleptomaniac about picking them up – and of course I always seem to find them in my pockets, just like in a little boys jeans.

The other things that are common signs people seem to take notice of are clouds in special shapes, or leaves.   There’s a whole book I once came across featuring heart-shaped stones collected through the years by a lady.   I think I read that there’s a bit of a collectors group centred around these and even a special name of these stones… but I can’t recall exactly.

What ever it is that rocks your world, or floats your boat, trust in the fact that these signs are there for you, to remind you that your loved ones, guides, and guardian angels want you to know they really are watching over you, helping, guiding, hugging from their realm to help you through the tough times, celebrating with you in the good times, and loving you all the time.


How are you doing?

It’s fun to remember Joey from Friends always asking this question with a twinkle in his eye… but that’s not quite the angle I was aiming for with the same question. I mean, how are you doing, as this weird year winds up to and end point, and further uncertainty runs the media releases, the conversations and the politicians narratives. How are you doing as you wage war with your family and friends over the big Vax or Unvax issues. Are you battling against mandates? Are you challenged by death and health issues affecting others close to you?

This is a time of needing to renew our faith, our understanding of what’s going on inside for each of us, and to feel the way forward. For some of us it’s about a renewed awareness of purpose, to be a guiding light for some or many. For some of us it’s about gently helping someone through tough moments in time. For some of us it’s about helping to identify where the soft landing places are.

The Blue Flames are indications of increased awareness, of understanding that you will be supported in whatever roles are presented to you in this life. So please don’t be afraid. Instead, lean in, find your feet, place them shoulder width apart and smile, as you stand in your power, with others, and light up what ever dark corners you need most to shine in.

As you do this, remember, find your own place of wellbeing, peace, and learn how to pause when you need to. Seek your inspiration, be it comedy, TedX, church gatherings, or friends around a laden table on a Sunday afternoon.

And finally remember this: If we all take ourselves too seriously, we dilute our spirits….


When there is something going on with our own energies, it’s harder to block out or even recognise the energies of those around us. Now we’re even more distant with each other due to the pandemic and this seems to be really affecting a lot of the cosmic and individual energies around us all.

We’re feeling stifled, misled, challenged, bored, over and under pressured, manic, low, high, and everything in between as 2021 drives us forward to hopefully an easing of restrictions, increased health focus, and more awareness of what’s happening at personal levels for all of us. What’s not being talked about a lot is the fact that energies, physical health, and wellbeing is only part of our focus. It’s far too easy to lose concentration about what’s needed to be done, to be prioritised, and how we demonstrate care for each other. How can we be more present for those who need us more?

Many of us are highly intuitive empaths, and it’s easy to get lost in other people’s energies and forget to take care of our own when chaos is reigning. It’s our calling, our duty, our purpose to help those who need it and the best way we can do that, is to be all we can be first for ourselves. That means self care, napping, food intake, sleep habits, fresh air, sunshine, what we read, what we say, who we say it to – including ourselves – are all part of our awareness or should be.

What right now, do you need to do to be kind to yourself, and how can you then extend just that to someone else who needs it today?

Don’t be so hard on yourself – you’re not here to save the whole world, but maybe just one person to maybe three, might need you to be kind to you, so you can be more for them… just a little.

The increased energies of 2020

So many people lately are commenting on the increased energies of 2020.  “I know, it’s bizarre right….” seems to fall out of my mouth almost daily lately.  So I thought about this, and started to really go deep with it. And here’s what I think/feel/understand to be happening.

  • The conspiracy theorists are all banding together and making it easier than ever to form right wing and left wing groups who are divisive and extremely thought provoking.  Unfortunately, they are well funded, and well armed to make us all second guess reality, and not always in a good way.
  • Black Lives Matter is growing and also forming a power base that arguably is not always pure in its intentions with the knowledge and divisiveness shared.
  • Political groups are tearing their hair out, and media is reporting in ways that journalists of a bygone era must be turning in their graves over.
  • A worldwide pandemic is causing friction, misinformation, mistreatment, and further exposing that there are so many different ‘types’ of thinkers in the world, we’re all becoming afraid to speak our respective truths.

It’s a perfect storm.

That’s the global view of things.  At a personal view for many of us empaths and lightworkers, our own energies are being zapped, dreams becoming harder to grasp and understand, and it’s like we’re all permanently set to ‘full moon’ status.

I’m not sure what the answers are. There’s a huge amount of resetting going on, and we’re being called on to hold steady.  I believe the reveal will start to fully unfold in the next few weeks. By around November, I think a number of boils will be starting to burst.  But as with any storm, we need to be ready, with our raincoats, searchlights, and care for the casualties as best we can.

More to come.

Just go BLAH!

I attended a workshop over a couple of days, about 4 years ago, and was instructed to do something that felt like a giant leap of faith.  We were told to simply go ‘blah’ when things came to us, that needed to be shared, because hesitating often meant we were overthinking it.

My journey through these last few years developing my own psychic abilities has been blessed with guidance from some pretty special beings and I’m eternally grateful for that, and so I decided to try this ‘just go blah’ thing.  To my surprise and delight, it has been a happy ‘experiment’ most times.   So much so that sometimes I am quite fascinated to find out later what something I thought was weird may have actually meant to someone.

When you know how to do this, trusting the guidance and the way you get the messages is all part of the never-ending fun we have in this weird space we get to live in. That’s not to say that we always get it 100% accurate.   But if we learn to recognise the methods our guides use to get our attention and to deliver their information, it’s a pretty exciting journey.

When I am asked on this forum to help explain someone’s blue flames dream or experiences most of the time I’m able to tune in and find something to share that has meaning for the inquirer.   But when sailing blind, I have no idea what is real or not.  I just trust and blurt what ever the images or words are that come in.   For example – I just had to respond to someone  about their experience, and the word Massage (yes with pictures) kept invading my consciousness as I was typing.   I tried to find a few ways to type ‘you need a massage’ to this person, but finally the only way it felt right was to be straight up.  Because my guides wanted me to just say it and not over-think it.   I have to trust that the person concerned will understand it.   It’s not for me to interpret beyond the message sometimes.

I love this work, and always look forward to the opportunity to do readings for people.   So if you’re finding some weird stuff or directions that need clarifying in your life – let me know ok.

And yes I can work from anywhere in the world – so long as you have a computer and internet.


And for the other psychics out there reading this – please share how you get your ‘messages – I’d love to help others also understand the many ways this works.  thanks.


Helping each other to understand

I’ve had some interesting people reach out through this site to try to understand experiences and awarenesses better, and it’s reminded me yet again of the value of helping each other to better understand things.   We are here, on this site, because there is a lot more going on than most of us are equipped to understand.  That’s why I started this site.   But some of us are emerging into new levels of spiritual awareness and there are things we need to do, know, and experience at even higher levels.

Please – if you are willing or able to help any of the other’s appearing here and seeking help to understand things, relative to blue flames, or other signs of increased spiritual awareness, please get in touch, or comment on someone’s post.

Life is a bit complex and some of us need all the help we can get to understand these signs.

For example.   Some of us do experience blue flame visions, and some of us are able to create or manage blue flames – beyond merely seeing them.    Dreams are profound and deep for some of us, and others are less disturbed/inspired by these.   We’re all different.  That’s the point.   There’s a lot going on and we’re in a great position to assist each other in our journeys – so please speak up if something’s on this site that inspires or ignites you in any way.