My Surrender Experiment

This year I’ve been working on a new way of thinking  based on a book by Michael A. Singer, called The Surrender Experiment.   As part of this, I’m doing my best to take my hands off the steering wheel of my life and allow things to develop and organically happen a lot more than before.  Instead of trying to force flow, I’m allowing flow to… well, to FLOW.  As a result of this, I just looked back over the last 12 months and was astounded to see where I’ve been, what I’ve experienced, and how people have moved into and out of my  path.

One thing I’ve become more aware of, is that there are beings, guides, souls, angels – perhaps a combination of these – who are looking out for me.  They have my back, and they are wise enough to guide and direct without further complicating my life.  As such, I’m reminded in a myriad of ways to trust.  To have faith.  To wait – and I’m far from being the most patient person in my life – just ask my kids.  😉 .

Part of this is also about listening to my body.  If I need rest, I’ll rest more – even if that means a nap in the afternoon or going back to bed after breakfast.  If I’ve had a sleepless night I now give myself permission to catch up on what my body needs.  Ahead of what the rest of the world might be asking of me.  Most days.

Medically I’ve had to check my bloods and found that I’m ok.  I’m doing better than ok in most areas of my life healthwise, but a small issue a few months ago just led me to get checked for surety.   All good.   Yay!

I caught up with a wonderful friend who I believe is one of the most profoundly talented clairvoyants around and we talked the other day about our respective gifts and what we want to do with there – more surrendering.   I’ve also loved engaging further with this community and being called on to answer more questions and inquiries about the Blue Flames and to embrace this gift as it was given by my own guides nearly 10 years ago.

And that is what brings me now to this.   The point.

The Blue Flames was a ‘command’ by one of my own guides in 2009.  “Set up the website – people need to know how to find out about this.  Blue flames are everywhere and people everywhere are curious,”  Said Shelby.  So here I am – still writing a regular blog and answering questions about this interesting phenomenon.  And the more I do this, the more I learn to trust that I’m being given the answers to share.  This perhaps has been the greatest of all the ‘hands off the steering wheel’ challenges.   Learning to simply allow the information and support to be what’s needed at any one time.  By any individual.

So what next?

Let’s explore this a little further shall we?

What if… 

  1. What if more people wanted more help with this – can I, one person handle that?
  2. What if more people wanted readings from me  – can I, one person handle that?
  3. What if more people were guided to be part of building this community – would I welcome that?
  4. What if more writers, word wizards and witches, ooky spooky people like me wanted to have a place to share, explore, learn, experience – how would that look?

Well I know the answers to the first two – and it’s NO I as one person can’t do that all by myself.  I need some help sometimes. So I’m seeking anyone out there who might want to also either contribute some regular blogs or pieces – even poetry – about things relative to The Blue Flames.   I’m thinking 1-2 pieces a month.   Or several people all contributing on a regular basis.   I’m open to ideas – and again, surrendering the outcomes.

As for point 3 – what if we build this community – yes I’d welcome that,  a Lot.  I feel as though the last decade has been about establishing this as a serious and relatively busy platform for Q&As about ‘spirituality meeting practicality’. Let’s keep building.

Finally – point number 4 – what if we had more people sharing and learning, and experiencing….   how would that look?  

You tell me…. what might this look like?  How might we develop and grow?

I’m completely open to receiving thoughts, ideas, and input from you the community here.   Let’s start and keep talking about this.

For now – let’s get clear on what the questions are: 

  1. What do we want from this page?
    1. ie – access to people who can read, enlighten, teach?
    2. Occasional blogs and information  to enjoy reading?
    3. An interactive range of options like webinars, hangouts or podcasts and guests
    4. Something completely different?
  2. Do we want this to be a wide angled community – ie several managers here
    1. or a narrow community with just more of what you’ve been getting
    2. or a very open forum style community
    3. something else?
  3. Any other ideas, questions, suggestions?

Throw it at me folks.. I’m open to what you have to say.  So far in 11 years It’s been my privilege to help approximately 160 people to make sense of, understand, or figure out things relative to the Blue Flames seen or experienced.  There’s about 1400 followers on this site… so let’s see how far we can go?

Bring it on…



PS – I have a direct message from the angel who ‘gave me’ this website.

“Take a few minutes to look below the surface of what you think you’re seeing; that thing you’re worried about, that issue you’re grappling with right now.   Look under the top layer.  What are you seeing there?  What color, what flavor, what feeling do you have when you examine it closely – look closely, look from a few perspectives of space – how does that change what you see on top?  Rest with that and then decide.”  Shelby

(I know that when I received that – and I wrote it as dictated to me – it won’t make sense to everyone – but it’s going to be picked up and understood exactly as intended by many others.   Thank you Shelby.)

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I'm a coach, consultant, author and most of my work is related to these areas, however I've been channeling and developing a growing spirituality in my work during the past years, and find that others like me - serious on the outside, but very spiritual on the inside - are seeking answers, understanding and insights into how Spirituality really does meet with Practicality.

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