Questions Seeking Answers

This page is all about those things which we may come across and want to know more about and where those who know more can contribute answers or theories, experiences or ideas.

Current topics seeking clarity or input:

Orbs in photos – does any one have stories or explanations about this?

Channeling – if you are just starting to channel or are unsure if you even are doing so, put your comments or questions here?

Some people are experiencing big dreams or flashes of light in weird ways – if you are intrigued by some of these thing, feel free to reach out.

Where does Guidance come from?

What is Spirituality?

9 thoughts on “Questions Seeking Answers

  1. Ive Been Noticing first white smoke then bluish white smoke then tonight i noticed Bluish white smoke and flames right afterwards which disappeared when i saw them with my eyes closed.
    I did a Meditation after the sighting and i felt a warm assured power sensation and know the flames were around even though i could “see” them i could “feel-see” them. also i feel as this is both my will power and creativity manifesting through possibly. transforming me? and insight would be appreciated.

    1. HI Kenneth,
      Not sure where to begin to reply to this – so many things come up.
      But in the interests of brevity I’ll stick with the main points…
      1) yes blue flames are usually a sign of emerging and changing states around your spiritual awakening
      2) Spiritual awakenings can also be aligned closely with your creativity and how this develops
      3) Keep noting down what you see and feel re this – I’d recommend a journal and some referencing over the coming year – I think there’s going to be a lot going on for you very soon – and October keeps coming up as write this, is that perhaps already a significant time of year for you – I can’t help feeling there’s a fairly big change that has also something to do with maturity – that could easily mean it’s a significant birthday coming round and you’re an october baby (scorpio?) or it may mean a different kind of change, but ‘something’s in the air’ and so be aware of your states and messages when meditating ok.


  2. Did a Google search for blue spirit flames, something I see through my mind eye when I’m not in my ego. Visitation comes after the flames, but fear of the unknown is keeping me out of my spirit self so any wisdom shared is much appreciated

  3. I personally have many thoughts and some of them are valid but as a Kabbalist I often say ‘I know nothing.’ Why say that? Well, in this world all is mutable ever changing so to say, “I know.” Well that has a certain essence of arrogance. But there is a place of Esotericism and Exotericism that has helped me through my own intuition and understanding of things metaphysical.

    Channeling is difficult to do without interfering. We have immense ego and that will color a reading or channeling. People that train in Japan with The Modern Mystery School are taught to relinquish the ego so that it (info) is not coming from us but rather a being of Light! And that being is solely aligned with the Channeler. It takes years just to know who you have a contract with!

    It takes 5 years to become a Channel in The MMS.
    Everything that one does is predicated on Free Will. The MMS is no different, it honors The Free Will of all Beings. That is why it is successful:)))

    They teach healing etc, in The Lineage of King Salomon. If you are coming spiritually online, or just want to become empowered to know your soul’s purpose, or just are curious to seek and understand better the way things work and why and your place within that, there is no place I could more highly recommend.

    Grace and Humility are at the core of every great teacher and healer and leader.
    One must be balanced to truly come to a place of ‘Knowing Thyself.’

    I send you all Peace and Light~ Love and Joy and a wish for you all to
    have a constant flow of Abundance in all things!

    Namaste Blessings Be and Fiat Lux for ALL!
    It is spirit that makes human noble!
    Bill 5onic

  4. Hi, I’m looking for answers and I hope someone can help me. For sometime I have had strange (not strange to me,lol) occurrences happen weather it’ll be having a coffee and I see a flash of colour just hoovering over my coffee cup, seeing colours floating around aswell as people walking by (like 3D tv), people talk to me and I get either a picture of something or a word that comes to my head… Now, I see myself as a “blue flame”… Like a flame with red in the middle and yellow on the outer, but me as the flame is a light blueish in the middle and silverish on the outer. I hear a song(s) or mediate and I see myself as a this flame and for some reason I am protecting something… Just looking for answers please…

    Thank you so much for your time


    1. HI Kaz,
      (sorry it’s taken so long to reply)
      It seems to me that you are not only becoming more aware of the spirit world and your own spiritual abilities, and I sense that you are being nudged by your own guides to start noticing more. I recommend you talk with someone who understands auras well and can help you to identify the meaning behind the colours you see when you see them.
      Re the Blue Flame you feel you are becoming, I am certain that this relates to your growing ability as a healer. You have a strong inner core of energy that you will need to learn how to direct and use in the future work you will do with this energy. Please seek out a Reiki Master or any other highly capable and well trained energy healer who can be the start of your guided journey into this. Buckle up and enjoy the ride Kaz, you are embarking on a wonderful journey.

  5. Keeping science apart, I would be able to say a few things about channeling.

    To feel that there is a need to channel, the imperative is the existence of a wide range of habits into which our energy gets dispersed. So there goes your first symptom, more habits.

    And when unconsciously/consciously we cut down on certain aspects of life, and begin to focus more on a few aspects, it shows that you are deciding the path to progress, the channel I would say.

    But realization that you are channeling happens to you in that moment of solitude, when you have nothing to do but look back on how things were and where things are going now.

    I hope I have clarified a bit.

    — Vinay Chaganti

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