Spiritual Services

My readings for clients take the form of using Divination Cards, Palmistry, Egyptian Throwing Stones, and Clairvoyance, however I am also a trained and certified business and life coach (by Coach University aka Coach Inc) and incorporate this into my work when asked.

Rose Quartz Egyptian Throwing Stones

If you are having issues, seek clarity, or simply some guidance in your decision-making or through life as it currently is, then I would like to help you. The following options offer a range of ways for us to connect – and please be assured, that distance is no challenge. Skype and phone work very well (as a result of my extensive coaching training) and I invite you to connect with me to talk it over.

45 minutes and these can be booked by using THIS LINK to identify a time that suits you best.  You”ll receive confirmation by email and a request for an image of your palms (both hands) if you wish to have your palms read as part of your session.                                                                                                                                               $70.00 (AUS)

Email Readings:

Send in your questions and I’ll answer them by email.  $25 per question – minimum of TWO questions per reading. You’ll receive an email answering your questions – and it will be channeled after Dixie throws some stones/draws cards to assist the response process.  You can then also reply with another question or for additional clarity if needed.

Angel Card Reading Parties:

Why not get a group of friends together, (recommend minimum of 4 – maximum of 8) and invite me along to talk about your spiritual questions, and give each person attending a 15 minute reading.   Great fun and productive too.

Includes up to 2 hours of actual readings (with 8 people present), and another hour of more for ‘talk-fest’ time.


‘Work it out’ Workshop

For bigger groups who want to work on spiritual matters, soul healing, group readings, and spiritual understandings – minimum 3 hours includes workshop materials, live audience readings for some attendees.


For all listed services other than the Zoom/Email/Phone meeting options, please note that the best way to arrange a booking and request more information is to enter your name, email address, and location in the comments box below.  This information is not shared publicly. 

5 thoughts on “Spiritual Services

  1. Today I lit a lamp….for “Ganesh chaturthi”(the Indian festival…..& clicked a photo on my mobile ….the flame is strikingly Only blue/white in colour in the picture ..but not so to the naked eye…..what do you attribute this to?

  2. Can you please email me, I have a picture I need to show someone like you , I was searching the net and found your site but I can’t find anything that can explain what showed in my bonfire . Its a woman wearing blue garments … that fire was blue and you can see her hands and legs and face … even more weird , she looks like me in a photo I took years ago.

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