What is Psychic Anyway?

I’ve personally battled with this for years… what is it to be psychic? If you life in a ‘grounded practical world’ where all that stuff is just the fancies of tree huggers (as once described to me) then the concept of things like:

A reading with a psychic, witchy things, cards and channeling spirits etc

… can be quite a weird and wonderful or scary and unbelievable thing to contemplate.

But let’s talk about creativity for a moment. Even sceptics will acknowledge that creative genius comes from ‘somewhere’, and religious people will talk of the higher power of their version of God, Angels, and Prophets etc. So if that all comes from ‘somewhere’ outside of us, or arguably from deeply within us, then surely it stands to reason that ‘psychic’ might be just another term for all that is, but is experienced at a more personal level.

I have come to think of being psychic as not something outside myself, but as a fundamental part of the energy or vibration I have(?) or am(?) when I get into the ZONE of my work, or my focus on something. The answers I need, or the words I seek to share come to me as I write. My dreams give me insights into all kinds of things around me, and I have the ability to help others seek clarity for those things for them too. When I work as a coach – and that is my main income stream – I sometimes pull things from ‘that place’ I can’t always describe, and when I’m writing, I am surely guided to write what I do with help from my Muse, (I call him George…)

So back to the practical aspects of spirituality…

I’ve learned these things to be true:

  • You don’t have to sacrifice your beliefs in religion (what ever they may be) to have a spiritual relationship within yourself.
  • Your relationship and views on spirituality are your own business. If seeing a psychic once every few months or years helps you make decisions, or determine answers to prickly feelings about something going on, then that is ok to do, and it doesn’t mean you should have to challenge your beliefs about anything else. Most ‘psychics’ (the good ones) use a range of tools to help simply tune into practical and guided information to help you. It’s not rocket science and it’s not magic – it’s just interpretation of information that might come in different ways.

Finally – you do not have to meditate daily, burn incense, hug trees, or dance naked under a full moon to have a practical spiritual relationship with yourself, or your higher power. You can wear a suit, work in a tall building, or overalls and drive a tractor – it doesn’t matter. You can still talk with your self/your guides or your pets, and listen to answers that help with your gut feelings about things. And maybe the difference between someone who is ‘psychic’ vs someone who thinks they are not, just means that they have a slightly different kind of gut instinct about things, and that might be helpful to others.

If you think a reading or conversation with someone who is perhaps a good combination of practical and spiritual, then let’s grab a chat sometime. It can be what ever you want to call it. In ancient times it was simply the talk with the local wise woman or man in the village. And in most cases, it was helpful to get insights from people like that.

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