If You Are Grieving…

It occurred to me one day, that my experience as a young widow with small children, and the subsequent journey I’ve been on which has included a big spiritual awakening, is what has led me to the place I am today.  I have a unique ability to help other widows – mostly I talk with people who have started this journey from the age of 30 – 55, people who still feel there’s a LOT of living to do, often they have young families, and struggle to find others of us in this ‘secret club’.

Some of the conversations I have with others like me cover a mix of topics such as  ‘how did this happen, what a strange set of ‘rules’ there seems to be, this is so different from being divorced, and how do I move on and live with this?  It is different being a widow.  For one thing, we are separated not by choice but by circumstance.  We often still wear our wedding rings, and so don’t ‘appear’ to be single.  Our lost partners are still with us in many ways, and will remain a part of our lives, as they (and our circumstances) shape us.  We usually keep their photos on the wall for years – maybe forever.

My growing ability as a medium came about after losing my husband while pregnant with our youngest child.  It’s grown increasingly stronger over nearly two decades now, and most of the time I am able to help other widows with not only connecting them with their partners, but also as a trained coach. Sometimes this goes well beyond serving as a medium, but I also help with ways to move forward and cope with the journey they are on.

If you or someone you know needs this particular combination of help, or even just to talk through their pain and help deal with their loss, I am available to provide this unique service.

 Here’s how it works:

  • We would meet on Zoom for approximately 90 minutes.
  • Our conversation would be mostly about you, how you are, what you are personally going through.
  • If I am able to connect you with your partner*, and/or any one else in spirit who wishes to help you I will do this for you.
  • I will give you suggestions, ideas for coping, and supportive techniques to help you get through what ever stage of your journey you are currently at – be it new, or even several years down the path of becoming widowed.
  • You can easily return for future appointments at any time
  • If in my professional opinion as a qualified coach, I feel you need counselling I will discuss this with you and help you to come to a decision about specialist grief counselling (I am not qualified to provide this service)

My fees are $150.00 AUD.  For bookings please contact me via Time Trade Link for an Appointment HERE

 You will be contacted within 48 hours, with time/date options.

*I offer no guarantee of connection as sometimes it might be someone else (i.e. an aunt, parent, sibling etc) who comes through to offer support to you.  It depends of many things and we’ll discuss this at the start of our call.

2 thoughts on “If You Are Grieving…

  1. I just wanted to share my “blue flame” sighting with you or whomever and see if I could get some answers as to what this particular moment was? At the time, my life was a complete disaster! I was in an incredible amount of emotional trauma due to a very bitter and painful divorce between my wife of 20yrs… I was trying everything I could to get her out of my bloodstream along with all the other emotions that come from the loss of a partner… anyway, I met another woman while going thru this tornado of awfulness and she was/is a person who is continually searching herself and others for spiritual guidance.. she is very close to her soul I would say and we became close with each other very quickly.. she almost seemed to calm the devils that were destroying me inside.. she helped in so many ways but, she also put the burden of more weight on my already cumbersome and complicated world! I mean she wanted my heart and I was in no shape to even be talking about loving someone new! This is when I saw “the blue flame”… one night this person and I were intimate.. I was kissing her and then I opened my eyes and her whole body was outlined by a blue flame! It spooked me pretty good! She was staring at me very deeply! I did not know and still do not have any idea what that moment was! It was something I’ll never forget! And this was not induced by any drug or alcohol! It happened! Unfortunately, her and I didn’t make it due to my emotional whirlwind that I was in but, I have always wondered what that was about! Any ideas?

    Thanks, Casey

    1. HI Casey I feel that she was simply there to help you through that time and perhaps as a deeply spiritual soul she also needed to serve you and awaken you to where you have ended up going after that trauma and chaos. The fact that it happened when it did, while sober and making love, tells me that you were in a heightened state of connectedness too which further highlights the potential for you to have experienced a strong moment of awakening. the fact you are here on this site and still thinking about it tells me you are about to or are gong through some other transformational moments at this time. Stay grounded, you also need a massage – there’s something about massage I’m getting around you. (I keep trying to type it differently but that’s what is sitting there. Massage!) Expect more to come… and you’re ready for that now.
      Namaste xx

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