We all have a story to share

Whether it’s about our spritual dreams, experiences, ideas, or whats happening in our lives past, present or future, we all have a story to share.   Sharing is what helps those coming behind us to make sense of their own journey and I believe we have something of a responsibility to be ‘torchbearers’ for others onContinue reading “We all have a story to share”

Musings Over the Blue Flames

I was delighted and privileged to catch up with an old friend and mentor a few nights ago, Richard Webster, author of countless books on angels, healing, magic and the spiritual realm.  I asked him if he was familiar with the Blue Flames, and to my surprise he was not.  So we talked about thisContinue reading “Musings Over the Blue Flames”


I want to write a little about the concept of Divine Timing. From the same conversations that take place like ‘no such thing as coincidence’ and ‘what serendipity’ and ‘extraordinary accident’.   Divine Timing is one of those things where the coincidence, accident, or indeed serendipity is mentioned, but it’s often far more complex thanContinue reading “Timing”

In a Room Full of ‘Woo Woo’ People

It’s always lovely meeting like minded people and having a chance to share experiences and ‘me too’ moments.  Those times and those people help us to grow, learn more about who we are through them, and to explore sometimes untapped parts of our thinking and beliefs by being able to openly discuss them with peopleContinue reading “In a Room Full of ‘Woo Woo’ People”

Never Lose Stuff Again

I always hear it when I’m packing to go somewhere.  Like many people, although I may come across as very organised, deep down I’m just as much of a clutter-bug as the next person.  I can put something in the wash, dry it and fold it, then easily misplace it – sometimes in my kidsContinue reading “Never Lose Stuff Again”