ParaNormal Conversations

What is normal anyway?  For each of us it’s a different thing.  What’s ‘normal’ for one  person might be totally bizarre for someone else.  I tell you though, I’ve had some of what most people would deem to be far from normal conversations.  About everything from ghosts, gremlins, psychic attack, live after death, and muchContinue reading “ParaNormal Conversations”

Listening to Your Body

How often do you consciously think about tuning in to your body?   I know we all stop when something twinges, aches, screams at us.  But long before it gets to that stage, how about doing a full body scan on a daily basis and see exactly where the twinges are likely to start. WhatContinue reading “Listening to Your Body”

Never Lose Stuff Again

I always hear it when I’m packing to go somewhere.  Like many people, although I may come across as very organised, deep down I’m just as much of a clutter-bug as the next person.  I can put something in the wash, dry it and fold it, then easily misplace it – sometimes in my kidsContinue reading “Never Lose Stuff Again”