Listening to Your Body

How often do you consciously think about tuning in to your body?   I know we all stop when something twinges, aches, screams at us.  But long before it gets to that stage, how about doing a full body scan on a daily basis and see exactly where the twinges are likely to start. WhatContinue reading “Listening to Your Body”


I am learning to let go and not stress about things I can’t change.  This is HUGE for me.  I’m usually the one who is panicked, worried, and off my dinner over a comment that leaves me wondering if I’ve inadvertently upset someone, or unsure if I’ll get the assignment I’ve been chasing.  Things thatContinue reading “Anxiety”

Sitting in my stillness

I find it really hard to meditate properly and yet when I do stop to take time and just listen to the silence, and let my mind wander where ever it needs to go I feel peace, and inspiration usually follows. But I wonder if we get too hung up on the concept of meditatingContinue reading “Sitting in my stillness”

A Knock on the Head

I was stupidly not walking carefully through the park a couple of Sundays ago with only my dog for company in the early morning and tripped, knocking myself out briefly as I fell to the ground.  Thinking I was fine, if a little stunned, I carried on and finished my walk, only realising later thatContinue reading “A Knock on the Head”