Sitting in my stillness

I find it really hard to meditate properly and yet when I do stop to take time and just listen to the silence, and let my mind wander where ever it needs to go I feel peace, and inspiration usually follows. But I wonder if we get too hung up on the concept of meditatingContinue reading “Sitting in my stillness”

Feathers, Stones, and Shiny Signs on the Ground

I have a great friend who lost her husband a few years ago, and she’s always posting about finding feathers that she takes as signs of greeting, support, encouragement from her husband and her angels. She has kind of started a whole feathers movement and it’s amazing how many people she in engaged with onContinue reading “Feathers, Stones, and Shiny Signs on the Ground”

The increased energies of 2020

So many people lately are commenting on the increased energies of 2020.  “I know, it’s bizarre right….” seems to fall out of my mouth almost daily lately.  So I thought about this, and started to really go deep with it. And here’s what I think/feel/understand to be happening. The conspiracy theorists are all banding togetherContinue reading “The increased energies of 2020”