The increased energies of 2020

So many people lately are commenting on the increased energies of 2020.  “I know, it’s bizarre right….” seems to fall out of my mouth almost daily lately.  So I thought about this, and started to really go deep with it. And here’s what I think/feel/understand to be happening.

  • The conspiracy theorists are all banding together and making it easier than ever to form right wing and left wing groups who are divisive and extremely thought provoking.  Unfortunately, they are well funded, and well armed to make us all second guess reality, and not always in a good way.
  • Black Lives Matter is growing and also forming a power base that arguably is not always pure in its intentions with the knowledge and divisiveness shared.
  • Political groups are tearing their hair out, and media is reporting in ways that journalists of a bygone era must be turning in their graves over.
  • A worldwide pandemic is causing friction, misinformation, mistreatment, and further exposing that there are so many different ‘types’ of thinkers in the world, we’re all becoming afraid to speak our respective truths.

It’s a perfect storm.

That’s the global view of things.  At a personal view for many of us empaths and lightworkers, our own energies are being zapped, dreams becoming harder to grasp and understand, and it’s like we’re all permanently set to ‘full moon’ status.

I’m not sure what the answers are. There’s a huge amount of resetting going on, and we’re being called on to hold steady.  I believe the reveal will start to fully unfold in the next few weeks. By around November, I think a number of boils will be starting to burst.  But as with any storm, we need to be ready, with our raincoats, searchlights, and care for the casualties as best we can.

More to come.

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