ParaNormal Conversations

What is normal anyway?  For each of us it’s a different thing.  What’s ‘normal’ for one  person might be totally bizarre for someone else.  I tell you though, I’ve had some of what most people would deem to be far from normal conversations.  About everything from ghosts, gremlins, psychic attack, live after death, and much more.

Last week I met a young woman in a shopping centre. We started a random conversation as total strangers, and ended up having a hug as we parted ways about 10 minutes later.  As an emerging psychic and medium we had a lot to share in a limited amount of time, and so blurted a quick exchange of heavy information in rapid fire.  As we talked, I was very aware of being in a highly public place, and that anyone walking by overhearing some of our paranormal conversation would have been shocked, surprised, perplexed and in some cases maybe even a little impressed by our words.

But as unusual as this conversation might have sounded to passersby, these have become what I personally term as ‘normal’ because they happen so frequently now.  So this got me thinking about the concept of what are normal conversations.

I also picked up a book the other day that I first read about 18 years ago, called The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield.  This was first published in the early 1990s when we (the world in general) were still emerging into a new wave of awareness about spiritual and energy matters.  For me  personally, that book was a turning point in my awakening.   My journey towards becoming a spiritual guide and medium started with having energy and how we use it was littered with books like The Celestine Prophecy, as well as people who suddenly appeared in my life with whom a new level of ‘normal’ conversations became commonplace.

Since that time, our collective evolution as spiritual beings has increased dramatically – and just like in the book, we seem to connect with each other easily and with purpose.   That purpose usually being to share and encourage each other to understand and grow in our comfort levels of spiritually related conversations, leading to our collective increased awareness.

One thing I feel very strongly about is that we need to continue to share our wisdom, stories, guidance for each other, and awareness of what’s going on for us as individuals along our personal journeys if they can be of help and comfort to each other.  This is the age where the Crystal Children are becoming young adults and bigger changes are starting to occur for us all.  The age of wisdom and transformation is here now.  And we’re all playing a part in the journey of the planet as we awaken to new opportunities for spiritual growth.

Next time you find yourself having a ‘wierd’ conversation about such things as I’ve touched on here, please take a moment to consider if maybe it’s not wierd at all, but just a new level of paranormal conversations for you and those you are starting to meet.












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I'm a coach, consultant, author and most of my work is related to these areas, however I've been channeling and developing a growing spirituality in my work during the past years, and find that others like me - serious on the outside, but very spiritual on the inside - are seeking answers, understanding and insights into how Spirituality really does meet with Practicality.

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