We all have a story to share

Whether it’s about our spritual dreams, experiences, ideas, or whats happening in our lives past, present or future, we all have a story to share.   Sharing is what helps those coming behind us to make sense of their own journey and I believe we have something of a responsibility to be ‘torchbearers’ for others on our path.    Our unique purpose, our unique journeys as part of that, is littered with information worth sharing for others so that they too can either take comfort in knowing there’s someone else who ‘gets it’ with us.

Imagine if we all just stayed quiet about what we’ve gone through – how would our lessons learned serve any purpose?

When it comes to stories about Blue Flames, I’ve been intrigued last week to find two people have shared stories that are quite negative about the Blue Flames – and knowing that the Blue Flames are for good, and are delivered to us in safety and as a sign of surety of our spiritual protection, it’s odd to hear of people having horrifying moments where blue flames are present.

By sharing, we can either gain perspective, or in some cases, even learn to guide towards or away from something.  It’s a gathering of knowledge and understanding of something that helps us to identify what’s real vs what’s not.  Perhaps it stories of angels, dreams, signs, or a myriad of things – but let’s talk about our experiences.   This website is set up to ensure that anyone searching for information about such things can find others who have tales to tell relative to these things.   By sharing, we all learn – so let’s do that.


This is therefore a great time to acknowledge all those who do share their Blue Flames experiences so that others of us can understand it. . I was speaking at a small event last week and shared the story of how this site came to be set up – on specific instructions from one of my own guardian angels.  She has had a huge impact in my life, by sometimes giving me very clear instructions and guidance and I love her dearly for that.   But when she first told me about The Blue Flames, I was first told that I had to research the information out there – not just have her share it.   I was astonished to find that I could barely locate anything of substance about this subject. As a result, I set up this blogsite and over the nearly ten years since, have been surprised by the sheer volume of people searching for information.

So – I want to leave this blog post today with a reminder, that we all need to talk about things that matter – this may be something of real significance to some, but completely meaningless to others.    All I know is that we’re serving some spiritual purpose for those who want to know more, and so I take time to personally respond to every comment or question that comes up on this site.   And I am grateful for the opportunity and trust placed in me to do this.

Please keep sharing your stories, asking your questions, and being open to the information exchanges that come from Blue Flame awareness.


Published by Dixie at the Blue Flames

I'm a coach, consultant, author and most of my work is related to these areas, however I've been channeling and developing a growing spirituality in my work during the past years, and find that others like me - serious on the outside, but very spiritual on the inside - are seeking answers, understanding and insights into how Spirituality really does meet with Practicality.

3 thoughts on “We all have a story to share

  1. I just found your page after an unusual experience I had while at church last Sunday. Our Pastor was leading us in prayer not Jesus but to God the father this time and as I closed my eyes and listened I could really physically feel the prayer in my body which was wonderful but then it felt like God wanted me to see something. The next moment I could see electric blue to nearly aqua flames and what emerged from the flames was of all things a blue Buddha with blue flames on his body. The flames on his body eventually went out and he looked at me with his eyes open and did what I would describe as a dance. His eyes had no pupils but he could see me.
    So I am in my head when the prayer finished I am left with blue flames and blue buddha with eyes open. Why would I see this?

    1. HI Adrian, I feel this is your awakening to the concept of there being a lot more to spiritual life and experiences than you thought and this is the start of that journey and awarenenss for you. Be open to new things – someone’s coming through to help you understand this further. You’ll start ot have some interesting spiritual conversations soon which will make you start revieiwing your current beleifs a little.

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