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I did a reading for a woman last week who comes from a long line of Gypsys, and whose grandmother was very ‘interesting’ in a profoundly spiritual way.   She would put hex’s on people who upset her, knew all kinds of things about people, and could read your palm or draw your cards and tell you things about yourself you may not even have known.   And of course, yes, she could foresee some of the future.  However, her grandaughter, who looks just like her,  is also profoundly spiritual, clairvoyant and has strong mediumship skills, but has always refused to allow that part of her life to be given any time at all.

During our reading, I learned things about Night Terrors for unprotected phsychics, through being able to sense her life.    I learned about the way some children are introduced to the dark side and what they will do to avoid such issues becoming part of their lives by actually sensing her own history.  While I know that this exists – this fear of being able to talk to ‘dead’ people – the sensing of it is quite a different matter.   I didn’t tell her at the time, but her childhood flashed before my mind, and I ‘got it’ clearly.    I had been introduced to the ‘dark side’ of spirituality and the run of evil so I’d know what it feels like and how important it is to protect against it when I was in my fourties, and under the careful guidance of my spriritual teacher.   At that time it terrified me.   I can only imagine how it must be for children to be faced with this on a nightly or even irregular basis.

Self medicating, drugs, dangerous lifestyles – what ever it takes to make it stop.   I get that.  Answering some of the questions on the comments for this site today I was also reminded again that for some of us the negative side of the spiritual journey is a very real issue and that it’s damned terrifying.

The Blue Flame is symbolic of pure love, safety and guidance from Archangel Michael, and thought to be a heavenly sign of Gods’ love and protection.  It’s also associated with the tranformation of evil into goodness, and I often understand it to mean an emerging spritual journey is taking place.     I know that some people reading this blog from searching Google about ‘the Blue Flame’ they have seen or experienced are afraid because they have not had a good experience.  Often there is a message to me about blue flamed demons or negative emotions.  But by and large, the majority of people visiting this site are feeling good about their experiences with the flames  (or a single flame).

If you are afraid of anything relative to the Blue Flame, or anything spiritual, please first know this:

  • The Blue Flame(s) are a sign of love, positive energy and tranformation, a beautiful and protected spiritual journey, and a message of love and support from Archangel Michael.
  • The Blue Flame(s) are supposed to be calming, reassuring, loving and kind.

IF you are feeling afraid or threatened in any way from any spiritual force, images, dreams, please ask Archangel Michael, and/or your own spiritual guides and angels, and/or pray to Archangel Michael for protection and guidance.  

Protect yourself daily from negative spiritual energies by setting an intention around being protected by white light and love.

Most people visiting this site are emerging spiritual beings, light workers, healers, grieving beings, and lovingly guided souls.   It’s not always easy walking this earth in our spiritual and our human forms and we need a little help and often a lot more protection.   If you are plagued by dreams that bother you – please get some Silenium, Tormaline, Amythist or Rose quartz.   Burn Sage in your home, hang crystals, light up salt lamps, or do what ever works FOR YOU to help balance the energies in your environment.

One thing is very certain…

Our spiritual journeys are all unique, all guided, and all blessed with love.   Sometimes we need extra protection however to ensure that the love is enough to counter anything else that comes up.

IF you would like to get a personal reading about your own journey, in May I’ll be offering 30 Minute sessions by Skype or Zoom, for a flat fee of $50.00 ($AUS).   Please message me personally or leave a comment requesting more information about this.   It will be limited to only 20 sessions at this price and only Throughout May. 


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