Ghosts and Goblins in My House

Have you ever gone to bed wondering just why you feel so cranky?  It’s not always because something has set you off that you can remember – and sometimes it’s not the husband, kids, dog, or the telemarketer who called as you were dishing dinner.   Sometimes there’s other stuff going on in your environment that needs to be noted, addressed, and moved on.

A few weeks ago I noticed that once again my sleep was being disrupted by very random and intense dreams.  My moods were (according to my husband) All.Over.The.Place!!!  and I just felt odd.  But – like most times this has happened to me in my life, I completely overlooked the reasons for it.  I put it down to PMS, Full Moon, the Dog or the Telemarketer, or the change in seasons.   Anything but what it really was – negative spiritual energy disrupting my home environment.

Now I’m a lucky lady to be able to not only work from home, but also to have an executive assistant who is very perceptive of energies too – and I should not have been surprised to hear her start talking a day or so later about whomever was walking around in my kitchen.  Sure enough – we worked out quickly that a stuck spirit who I had encountered previously was still hanging around.  He was connected to my husband, and not very nice.  With some pretty big help from not only my own guides but also a friend who has been doing this work for many years, we managed to move this man on and help him cross over.

Hopefully that means he’s gone now – this time for good.

But – one thing that can (and frequently does ) happen is that open portals stay open until you firmly close them.   One-off visits from restless energies are rare – it’s like ants.  Where there’s one there will be more.  So – here’s a couple of things you can do if this comes up for you:

  1.  Crystals in your house – tourmaline, smokey quartz, rose quartz are good starters.   I say you can never have too many – just put them around your home – all the rooms in your house, and especially in your bedroom.
  2. Burn a sage stick (also called a Joss Stick) and walk it through your house – ask for your guides to help with protection of your energies and to assist in this process.
  3. Salt about the perimeter of your house.  I used to just put this across the doorways and that’s often enough but sometimes surrounding the whole house is good.  Obviously rain will wash it away – but keep doing it.  If you need to – and if your house (or you) are an open energy point you’ll want to anyway – do the whole house.
  4.  Ask your guides for protection – call upon what ever or whomever you need to be part of this.  A dedicated house cleaner (not the rag and polishing kind) is worth engaging when you move into a new home too. (I have someone I can recommend for anyone living in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area.)

Sometimes the moods you are projecting are due to the energies of someone else entirely.  Sometimes this is also a good thing – like when you gather with positive people you’ll feel good  right?  When you gather in a church, you might feel great when praying together.  When you have a meditation or yoga group that can also be great for your moods… but sometimes it also works in the negative.  I know that Casinos and Hospitals are hard work for me as I pick up on all the despair and worry there.

If your mood is not your own, if you are picking up on negative energies in your home, identify who is contributing to that (either physical or spiritual people), deal with it, and get back to enjoying being you.


People Watching

Have you ever sat and watched people go by in a shopping mall?  It’s a fascinating experience when you are someone who is tuned in to various energies – and can pick up on the feelings and emotions of others.

Today I noticed a woman walking past me holding her husband’s hand, and she had clearly been crying within the past few minutes.   I felt all kinds of things as they walked past only a metre or so from me.  There was her despair, his support and concern.  I have no idea what was happening for them – or at least I’ll never know for sure – but I felt a deep sorrow that lingered for me long after they’d passed.  I then looked about at all the people in the area – some where happy, some were sad and some just blindly going through the motions of the day like robots.

I know it’s an odd thing for some people to do – but if you want to nurture your abilities to read people and tune into their ‘stuff’ it’s a great way to do so when sitting public and it’s not too crowded.  However, I find hospitals and casinos are terrible places for this as the energies are overwhelming.

At the same time it’s also good to note that when you are picking up other people’s ‘stuff’ it’s important to identify where you actually feel it, what you feel, and how it affects you.  When you get good at this, it’s helpful when you know that something being wrong is not always you – often it’s someone else’s stuff you’re getting but it can make you feel either grumpy, sad, frustrated, or even the other sides of these emotions – happy, joyful, peaceful etc.

Always ask yourself when you are feeling something that doesn’t actually fit with what your own personal feelings would normally be ‘is this my feeling or does it belong to someone else?’.  Sometimes this also relates to spiritual emotions in your environment and lingering spirits can have that effect on you too.

In summary – get familiar with what YOUR feelings are, when they really are YOUR feelings and learn to identify when you are actually picking up on someone else’s.  It can save you a lot of angst and even a few arguments (imagine feeling someone’s anger and reacting to it when it’s not even part of your own experience).

Learning to block other people’s emotions from affecting you will be something I’ll write more about next time.  In the meantime there are simple things you can do to help you:

  • Burn some sage in your house, environment
  • Crystals around your house for protection if there’s a real issue with negative spiritual energies
  • Exploring Feng Shui techniques to see if re-balancing your environment
  • Ask your angels and guides to protect you – yes this really does work.

Enjoy people watching….


Crystal Clarity

We need all the help we can get don’t we – with work, time management, social commitments, and life in general.  Sometimes it’s busy, stressful, and we forget to take care of ourselves and our environments so that we can get the most out of our days… and our nights.

Crystals can often be our most helpful resource when it comes to balancing our environment and ensuring our minds are focused and free to wander creatively through our writing.    They can also help to settle negative energy and spiritual unrest around us – those things we often don’t even know are there, let alone affecting us so much.

While my partner is skeptical of the value of such things, he does support the use of crystals in our home, and has even been known to purchase a crystal that he’s been drawn to when at markets or stores lately.   I know a lot of people are skeptical of such things, but let’s face it, there’s a lot to be skeptical about, but what harm does it do to have a rose quartz sitting on your desk or in your bedroom. Maybe it does help – maybe it doesn’t.  But what harm is done if it’s really only a pretty rock in the corner?

I’m not going to make this post all about the specific benefits of crystals, but I do want to stress that when it comes to unleashing your creative brain, and maximising your ability to tap into the best of you, Crystals are well worth considering adding to your life.

You might also notice the benefits of using a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your office – these have become increasingly popular and readily available in health shops and crystal shops recently.   These de-ionize the air from the effects of electronic devices used in the home/office.

It’s hard to quantify exactly what these all do, but believe me when I say there is a noticeable difference if you add these items to your environment.  You may notice your sleep improves, your creativity steps up another level, and you simply feel better when you try to relax at the end of the day.

So – give it a try… like my partner Mr Skeptic concedes, you’ve nothing to lose and it’s pretty.

Working With Spiritual Teachers

Over the years I’ve been able to work with many people who have helped me to develop my spiritually based skills, and some of them have been in spirit, guardian angels, and some have been ‘here’ physically too and that’s what this post is about.  This whole world of spiritual awakening seems ‘kinda weird’ at times, and finding someone who can help make sense of it all is incredibly helpful.

When you find yourself faced with an opportunity to work with someone who can guide you through the growth phase you’re currently in, then it fast tracks your understanding of what’s real and what’s maybe your imagination.  And in most cases it’s not your imagination.

Learning not to discount thing that ‘go bump in the night’ when you are on an advance spiritual journey takes a big leap of faith sometimes.   As you start to talk through some of your experiences, you’ll maybe hear yourself and wonder if you’re going mad, talking like a crazy person.    You may often find yourself asking ‘who am I?  Why is this happening now? To me?  Have I just been drinking too much coffee lately?

This is a journey of magnificent proportions – what makes you think you can work it out all by yourself?  There are so many people available to help you, but first, decide that you want help.  You can always ask your spirit guides to step in and direct you to getting the best help for you, at the time you need it.   And you may be pleasantly surprised about what happens next.   It’s a bit like ‘asking for a convenient car park’.  Putting it out there and allowing the result to flow to you may mean an accidental meeting of someone new, or a remarkable conversation with an old friend or acquaintance.  But be open to it and enjoy it.

I’ve worked with a variety of people from coach trainers, a Buddhist monk, a special spiritual interpreter, and past life specialists.  Some of my friends are energy workers and mediums who have also shared, and taught me, and guided me at times.  Sometimes the relationship is formal, long term, and sometimes it’s informal and short term.   But I learned a little along the way from each of them.

If you are just trying to ‘figure it all out’ and need some gentle guidance, then know that your guides will help you to get what you need, as and when you need it.

Enjoy the journey….


What I’ve Learned From Palmistry

19ca14e7ea6328a42e0eb13d585e4c22_1392293732Palm reading is something I’ve always been interested in, and one of my first books on anything remotely spiritual was Richard Webster’s book on Palm Reading for Beginners.  However the use of cards and throwing stones took precedence for me over the years and I’ve sort of just worked on learning about the basics of palm reading as an interest not anything serious… until recently that is.

However, about a year ago, as I was also in the phase of getting a bit of a wake up call generally about my using my abilities to help others, I met a palm reader who invited me to the ‘palm reader’s guild’ Christmas gathering.  I went along and met some nice people, but felt like a bit of a phony as I was clearly not in the same leagues with them all regarding this area of spiritual work.  In fact, I felt that most of them were more learned and in some cases had studied the intricacies of palm reading for up to 60 years.  I on the other hand struggle to retain a lot of the science of such things and can never remember so much intricate variations as there is to learn.

To cut a long story short however I did end up agreeing to help with doing (Palm) readings at a local Medieval Fair in July of this year. In preparation I studied up extra tips and reviewed all my previous notes on palmistry, got a Maid Marion style costume and turned up to do my bit on the day.  From the first reading I did that day I felt quite comfortable with the process and knowing that I was limited in terms of intricate knowledge, I just opened myself up to being guided and allowed the channels to open so that I could convey information needed to those I was reading for.

I did turn to using my throwing stones a few times, but overall worked with the palms in front of me.

At one point during the day I realised I was actually pretty good at it.  And – as I reminded myself – it didn’t matter that my actual knowledge of the intricacies of the lines on the hands were limited.  I was there to share what I was meant to share with those put in front of me.  Trusting in my guides and in the universe to deliver the correct combination of this was what I allowed myself to do and it worked. For all of us – me and those who sat at my table expectantly.

You see, it’s not always about what you use as the key to open your channel for sharing, so long as you can trust it and use it wisely.  There’s much to learn about all aspects of being a light worker, or in my case I think of myself as a spiritual interpreter.   And it’s almost impossible to expect that anyone can simply learn all the formulas and textbook your way through this work.  Instead, learning to let yourself be a conduit can be far more rewarding.

I’m learning every day to trust, let go, work with ego, work with spirit, and rely on my guides to work with me in ways that are appropriate and right for each situation.  Awareness of self is the one thing I struggle with most on a day by day basis – and I’m learning about that too.

What ever you use to keep you open and connected to your guides, trust that they will guide you.


Listening to Your Body

How often do you consciously think about tuning in to your body?   I know we all stop when something twinges, aches, screams at us.  But long before it gets to that stage, how about doing a full body scan on a daily basis and see exactly where the twinges are likely to start.

What about noticing the way the moon cycles affect your mental and physical health?  Or the way your breathing changes when you go outside and sit on the grass instead of pace on the sidewalk?

All these things can help us to learn to better listen when something is ‘just not quite right’ at any given time.

It’s one thing to listen, and then it’s another to act on what you hear, feel, and sense too.  I recently gave up caffeine, and in reality, I only drank an average of one double shot coffee a day, but it was a habit.   Five weeks caffeine free and I’m noticing even more the way I feel when I’m properly hydrated, or not; am tired vs energised when I wake up in the morning; when my skin is vibrant or dull; how my hair and nails are growing and glowing.

I’ve made it a point to tune in and listen to my body for about 10 years now, and work with a wonderful healer on prevention methods, and pleased to say that I’ve not even so much as had a cold this last decade.  But my increased awareness lately has me thinking about how much we either conciously listen, and act on taking care of ourselves very early, instead of waiting until something really does pull us up sharply.

Which would you rather do?

Do you know you can also ask Archangel Raphael to help you learn to scan your body while you meditate and ‘check in’ with yourself.

Go on, try it.  Then see how this starts to positively affect you.  Keep a journal, write down what you notice.  It will make for some interesting reading a few months from now.

And let me know how you get on.  I’m always keen to hear your stories and feedback.



Using Cards, Stones, and Other Tools to Help Connect

Rose Quartz Egyptian Throwing Stones
Rose Quartz Egyptian Throwing Stones

I’m sometimes asked about the practical aspects of using Angel Cards, or Tarot, and Runes as a means of connecting with spirit when doing readings.  If you’ve been to see a psychic you’ll often find this is common practice.  I’ve been to several and some very gifted mediums seem to need nothing at all to help them, but we all get different forms of clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance.

I’ve been using Doreen Virtue’s Angel cards for several years, but also I have some gorgeous rose quartz Egyptian throwing stones.    I’ve tried Tarot a couple of times, but never quite managed to master those – I have trouble remembering them all.  (Although Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine have put out some lovely Tarot Angel cards that are worth looking at if you are interested and/or undecided about what you might like to use.)

These help me to get into the head-space or state of connection I need to be able to hone in on exactly what the person seeking a reading really wants to have come up.    Sometimes they may be a little shy about spilling the beans on what is really bothering them.  Cards and stones help me to get to the heart of the matter.

If you are an emerging psychic and want to start expanding on your awareness, there are some things you might like to start doing/trying to help:

  • Get a set of cards and start doing some readings on yourself, to start to get familiar with the sight or sound of what messaging is like.
  • Meditation – this is highly valuable as  a means of tuning in – and don’t be surprised if angels and spirit guides make themselves known to you through meditation.
  • Work out through trying and seeing what feels right for you, the other options, such as runes, stones, divination with pendulums, Tarot etc.    Work this on how it feels to use them.   This really is a trial by experience.
  • Talk to other psychically aware people and ask them what you need, how you can get it, and who else you could talk to if you are serious about learning more about this emerging ability you have.
  • Read a lot – find out the difference between guides, angels, what others experiences are like, how to start recognising signs and messages, and most of all how to protect yourself with white light.

I have some links worth checking out here that I have found really helpful.

One other thing I really do encourage you to do, is start being very healthy. Treat yourself well – limit coffee, alcohol, junk food, and increase your time in nature, fresh air, hands in the earth, sitting on the earth, walking barefoot on sand or grass, and looking after yourself from a spiritual wellness point of view. Eliminate negative self talk and gossip from your life too.

If you have questions, or want to know more about this, I’m planning a series of Skype workshops for Emerging Psychic Awareness in early 2015.  Let me know if you’re keen to have a place open for you – no obligation to join at this time but I am seeking expressions of interest as I plan days, times, and content.

Talk it Over

One of the most common things we do when we are challenged by anything, is to find someone to talk it over with.  It’s usually either a friend, a parent, sibling, or in some cases a complete stranger.

Earth Angels are all around us, and sometimes you’ll find yourself talking with a ‘stranger on a bus’ or being helped by a ‘random person who turned up in the middle of nowhere’.  Stories of this kind of thing are common.   But let’s get back to the ‘stranger on a bus’ scenario.

I believe that there are times when we are all called on to serve as an earth angel to someone else.  So that’s not to say we suddenly grow wings or leave our bodies, but simply we are that right person in the right place, at the right time, who just helps.  Whether by listening, saying the exact right thing to the other person, and it just happens to be what makes the difference in their lives and helps them to turn a corner.  We’ll never meet again, but will always remember the words spoken, the kind gesture, or that special look.

Most of the time, when we are called on to be an earth angel for someone, we don’t actually hear the request, we just get into a flow of being, that leads us to smile at, talk to, or help in some other way, so that the other person benefits from having intersected briefly with our own lives.    Some of us do hear a nudge to ‘go there’, ‘say hello’.  Don’t ignore those nudges.  And know that when you are being an earth angel for someone, what you say means something, it does make a difference, and it wont matter to you if you don’t ever know what the outcome is – just believe that the exchange between you was perfect.

And if you are asking for help, don’t be surprised if some ‘random stranger’ talks to you, shares their thoughts, challenges, observations, wisdom.  These people are not necessarily hiding wings under their coats, they are regular people just like you and me, but they’ve been sent to you for that moment in time to help.

Thank your angels and guides for sending them, and that is all.


In a Room Full of ‘Woo Woo’ People

It’s always lovely meeting like minded people and having a chance to share experiences and ‘me too’ moments.  Those times and those people help us to grow, learn more about who we are through them, and to explore sometimes untapped parts of our thinking and beliefs by being able to openly discuss them with people like us, who, well, LIKE us.

I’ve just returned from two intensive days at the Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine CACR workshop in Melbourne, where there were more like minded souls in one room than you could possibly imagine. While 600 people might be easy enough to imagine, these people each brought their angels and guides to the party, and so the room was actually jam packed to the rafters (literally) with energy and spirit.

As anyone who has been following my posts for a while will know, we don’t all just arrive on this earth knowing we ‘see dead people’ like in the movie The Sixth Sense.   In fact many of us don’t awaken spiritually until life delivers us big wake up lessons and experiences.  So for those of us who do take a while to emerge into our psychic selves, it’s a sometimes quiet (and scary) place to dwell.  Finding yourself in a room packed with other ‘woo woo’ people is therefore incredibly liberating.

I’m proud to say I’m now 100% comfortable being ‘woo woo’ although it has taken a while.  I’ve been doing readings and delivering channelled guidance for several years now, but was never quite sure how to blend that side of myself with my ‘serious self’.   You know the part where I’d be in the business world, and very  cautious about letting on that I spent a lot of my time ‘talking to myself” (actually conversing with angels and guides) because if they all thought I was nuts that might just cost me a job, friend, respect of a colleague…

Emerging and finally spreaking my  wings after this cocooned existence is still going to take some thinking about at times, but I’m sure that I’m here to serve and help through my abilities as a medium.   And I know there are lots of people who are like this, currently nodding your head as you read this, and thinking… am I ready, am I ok with this?

My reason for posting this particular piece is to encourage you to step outside and flex your wings.  If you don’t feel ready, then start talking with those of us who do ‘get it’ and understand you.  Find your tribe of like minded people who will support you and love you for who you are, and help you to get comfortable with the sunlight on your beautiful wings.

It’s the most liberating feeling in the world when the cocoon phase is finally past.

Dixie Maria


Never Lose Stuff Again

I always hear it when I’m packing to go somewhere.  Like many people, although I may come across as very organised, deep down I’m just as much of a clutter-bug as the next person.  I can put something in the wash, dry it and fold it, then easily misplace it – sometimes in my kids room, and sometimes in random places – which I have to say does make me wonder what sort of games my Angels are actually playing with me sometimes.   I still have a particularly lovely shirt that I have had for a couple of years now, that has recently just vanished… and sometimes this happens, then said item turns up mysteriously like it was always there in the first place.  But anyway, I digress.

Packing is one of those times when I really need to rely on this amazing system of what I call the Angel Locator Guide.  I’ll be busy packing, listing things in my head that need to go into my case, and I’ll get clear messages about where something is.   And guaranteed – there it is.  (Apart from the currently missing shirt I mentioned before) this happens so easily and consistently that I know my angels are hanging about making sure I get where I’m going, with all that I need, and without dramas when I travel.  I can rely on them to get me there, right down to finding a perfect parking space at the airport or train station when I need it.

So lately I’ve noticed that it’s not just when I travel, it even extends to helping me get ready for meetings, and going out shopping.  I just ask them for help, and it’s smooth sailing.  The only times that it’s not smooth sailing is when there really is someone special I’m supposed to meet along the way.

It’s the same way you can get into the ‘zone’ when you need to write something, say something, or make something happen.  It’s called – tuning in to your higher self, and/or some people call it asking for help from your Angels.

Honestly I’m not 100% sure of the difference sometimes, but I do know this works.    Let me share with you how it can work for you too.

1)  Start talking to your Angel(s) if you have identified one in particular who you think is your travel helper or companion, be sure to talk to him or her by name.   Talk about where you are going, and ask for help to get there.  Be thankful for their help.  Angels love it when you acknowledge them and their presence and helpfulness in your life.

2) Listen for their help.   I find it’s easier to do this without a lot of other background noise, but what ever works for you is fine.  As you are packing/preparing for something, run through the list in your mind of what you need, and ask your Angel things like (now where did I put that scarf, new pen, notebook, jewellry item, pair of pants) and you will hear them tell you where to look.

3) As you locate these things you need, instead of becoming flustered and trying to find things, just allow the knowledge of where to look be transmitted to you, and thank them for their help.   You’ll soon find this is such an easy thing to do, that you’ll form a habit of packing/prepping with your angels and they will be there for you always.

You may think that your angels are supposed to be doing far more important things than just helping you to get ready to leave the house, but they are actually joyfully walking through your life with you, wanting you to invite them in to help you with your life.  In any way they can be of assistance.

Lost your keys lately?  I had become infamous in myfamily for doing this – so often my kids joked about buying me a GPS tracker just for my keys.  But – even when I think I’ve truly ‘lost’ something, my Angels help me to know where to look, and how to be sure when the lost item(s) are actually gone for good, or not, too.

Invite your angles into your daily life and see what happens.  It can become such a great way to feel companionship that’s actually quite tangible in your daily life. And ANYONE can do this.

What do you find your angels are MOST helpful with each day?