We all have a story to share

Whether it’s about our spritual dreams, experiences, ideas, or whats happening in our lives past, present or future, we all have a story to share.   Sharing is what helps those coming behind us to make sense of their own journey and I believe we have something of a responsibility to be ‘torchbearers’ for others on our path.    Our unique purpose, our unique journeys as part of that, is littered with information worth sharing for others so that they too can either take comfort in knowing there’s someone else who ‘gets it’ with us.

Imagine if we all just stayed quiet about what we’ve gone through – how would our lessons learned serve any purpose?

When it comes to stories about Blue Flames, I’ve been intrigued last week to find two people have shared stories that are quite negative about the Blue Flames – and knowing that the Blue Flames are for good, and are delivered to us in safety and as a sign of surety of our spiritual protection, it’s odd to hear of people having horrifying moments where blue flames are present.

By sharing, we can either gain perspective, or in some cases, even learn to guide towards or away from something.  It’s a gathering of knowledge and understanding of something that helps us to identify what’s real vs what’s not.  Perhaps it stories of angels, dreams, signs, or a myriad of things – but let’s talk about our experiences.   This website is set up to ensure that anyone searching for information about such things can find others who have tales to tell relative to these things.   By sharing, we all learn – so let’s do that.


This is therefore a great time to acknowledge all those who do share their Blue Flames experiences so that others of us can understand it. . I was speaking at a small event last week and shared the story of how this site came to be set up – on specific instructions from one of my own guardian angels.  She has had a huge impact in my life, by sometimes giving me very clear instructions and guidance and I love her dearly for that.   But when she first told me about The Blue Flames, I was first told that I had to research the information out there – not just have her share it.   I was astonished to find that I could barely locate anything of substance about this subject. As a result, I set up this blogsite and over the nearly ten years since, have been surprised by the sheer volume of people searching for information.

So – I want to leave this blog post today with a reminder, that we all need to talk about things that matter – this may be something of real significance to some, but completely meaningless to others.    All I know is that we’re serving some spiritual purpose for those who want to know more, and so I take time to personally respond to every comment or question that comes up on this site.   And I am grateful for the opportunity and trust placed in me to do this.

Please keep sharing your stories, asking your questions, and being open to the information exchanges that come from Blue Flame awareness.


The Emerging Psychic

I did a reading for a woman last week who comes from a long line of Gypsys, and whose grandmother was very ‘interesting’ in a profoundly spiritual way.   She would put hex’s on people who upset her, knew all kinds of things about people, and could read your palm or draw your cards and tell you things about yourself you may not even have known.   And of course, yes, she could foresee some of the future.  However, her grandaughter, who looks just like her,  is also profoundly spiritual, clairvoyant and has strong mediumship skills, but has always refused to allow that part of her life to be given any time at all.

During our reading, I learned things about Night Terrors for unprotected phsychics, through being able to sense her life.    I learned about the way some children are introduced to the dark side and what they will do to avoid such issues becoming part of their lives by actually sensing her own history.  While I know that this exists – this fear of being able to talk to ‘dead’ people – the sensing of it is quite a different matter.   I didn’t tell her at the time, but her childhood flashed before my mind, and I ‘got it’ clearly.    I had been introduced to the ‘dark side’ of spirituality and the run of evil so I’d know what it feels like and how important it is to protect against it when I was in my fourties, and under the careful guidance of my spriritual teacher.   At that time it terrified me.   I can only imagine how it must be for children to be faced with this on a nightly or even irregular basis.

Self medicating, drugs, dangerous lifestyles – what ever it takes to make it stop.   I get that.  Answering some of the questions on the comments for this site today I was also reminded again that for some of us the negative side of the spiritual journey is a very real issue and that it’s damned terrifying.

The Blue Flame is symbolic of pure love, safety and guidance from Archangel Michael, and thought to be a heavenly sign of Gods’ love and protection.  It’s also associated with the tranformation of evil into goodness, and I often understand it to mean an emerging spritual journey is taking place.     I know that some people reading this blog from searching Google about ‘the Blue Flame’ they have seen or experienced are afraid because they have not had a good experience.  Often there is a message to me about blue flamed demons or negative emotions.  But by and large, the majority of people visiting this site are feeling good about their experiences with the flames  (or a single flame).

If you are afraid of anything relative to the Blue Flame, or anything spiritual, please first know this:

  • The Blue Flame(s) are a sign of love, positive energy and tranformation, a beautiful and protected spiritual journey, and a message of love and support from Archangel Michael.
  • The Blue Flame(s) are supposed to be calming, reassuring, loving and kind.

IF you are feeling afraid or threatened in any way from any spiritual force, images, dreams, please ask Archangel Michael, and/or your own spiritual guides and angels, and/or pray to Archangel Michael for protection and guidance.  

Protect yourself daily from negative spiritual energies by setting an intention around being protected by white light and love.

Most people visiting this site are emerging spiritual beings, light workers, healers, grieving beings, and lovingly guided souls.   It’s not always easy walking this earth in our spiritual and our human forms and we need a little help and often a lot more protection.   If you are plagued by dreams that bother you – please get some Silenium, Tormaline, Amythist or Rose quartz.   Burn Sage in your home, hang crystals, light up salt lamps, or do what ever works FOR YOU to help balance the energies in your environment.

One thing is very certain…

Our spiritual journeys are all unique, all guided, and all blessed with love.   Sometimes we need extra protection however to ensure that the love is enough to counter anything else that comes up.

IF you would like to get a personal reading about your own journey, in May I’ll be offering 30 Minute sessions by Skype or Zoom, for a flat fee of $50.00 ($AUS).   Please message me personally or leave a comment requesting more information about this.   It will be limited to only 20 sessions at this price and only Throughout May. 


Musings Over the Blue Flames

I was delighted and privileged to catch up with an old friend and mentor a few nights ago, Richard Webster, author of countless books on angels, healing, magic and the spiritual realm.  I asked him if he was familiar with the Blue Flames, and to my surprise he was not.  So we talked about this for a while, I shared with him why I had created this site, and what seems to be coming through from people who are connecting here.

My sense of the Blue Flames since starting this site in 2009 has evolved somewhat through the many comments and things shared by you the readers and followers, and I want to take a minute to expound on that.

The Background:

I started this site, after being urged by one of my own guardian spirit angels (whom I refer to as Shelby) and by urged, I mean:  imagine facing off against Better Midler in a battle of comedic wit and you might get the idea.  She gave me images, words, and the concept to do this, and after some futile attempts at resistance on my part, I plunged in and now you have the finished (always a work in progress really) result of that.

I wanted to use this site to help answer questions about The Blue Flames as I understood them – there was very little I could find on the subject back then – that they are the protective flames provided by Archangel Michael for those of us becoming spiritually aware of our guides, guidance, and spiritual purposes.

On reflecting through some of the many fascinating comments and stories shared over the years here, I believe that the only think I have changed in my understanding about this, is that sometimes they are also sent to us as a sign of compassion for who/where we are on our journey, but also as a sign of things being ‘OK’, and to trust our guidance.

I’d love to hear back from anyone who would like to add to this, or to expand on my own line of thought here.

One thing I’m sure of, The Blue Flames are real, varied, and special.   There’s beauty and wonder in them, and while I personally have not seen them now since 2009 when Shelby gave me this gift, I remember them and am delighted in being reminded of them every time someone posts a new comment here.

Thank you, let’s keep the conversations going…



PS – Richard Webster’s books are exceptionally good, packed with wisdom, and all very well researched.  Worth taking a look at his library, especially his many titles on Angels, spirit guides, healing, and spiritual awakening in its many forms.   You can access his titles on Amazon HERE

My Muse

His name is George and he helps me to write.  I don’t know much more than that except that I’m really lucky to have him helping me.  He gives me words that fall effortlessly from my fingertips via my computer keyboard, and I trust him to help me with the blocks that come – rarely now, but still sometimes hover in the back of my mind.

I like to think of him as an angel who perhaps in a previous life was a good – or maybe even a great – literary person.  Someone who still finds that he has a need to express thoughts, share knowledge, and explore through the written words and now gets to help people like me to do just exactly that.

Maybe that’s as simple as it needs to be.   I mean, maybe those who have gone before us, get to spend their spiritual existence on the ‘other side’ still doing what they love to do but doing it through those of us still learning and exploring these talents.

I wonder who Da Vinci, and Michaelangelo are serving as Muses to right now.

Who might Einstien be able to quietly influence and mentor?

It makes you think though doesn’t it!

So – back to George.  I know that my writing is good.  Good enough to help me become a full time writer.  And to help others with their writing and publishing work.  But – sometimes what comes out of my fingertips is far more than what I might dream up by myself.  Sometimes I get to the end of writing something and the editing and correcting has apparently already happened.  I’m not ever going to think that I myself could write what I do and produce a flawless piece at first draft stage.  But sometimes that’s how I know that George has definitely had a hand in my work.  Because sometimes there’s surprise and excellence that has simply been gifted to me, through me.

I have another muse whose name I’m unsure of.  He or she helps me to flow information from the spiritual realm to those seeking answers.  I find that another entity is with me – almost forcing the corrections or the information to be typed when I’m working with a spiritual matter.   He or she is far more intense than George is – he’s like a friendly old sailor, big and gruff, and easy to talk with.  The other one is more forceful and specifically guides my hand and my mind.

Ah well – I just wanted to muse for a bit over the concept of muses.  🙂



I want to write a little about the concept of Divine Timing. From the same conversations that take place like ‘no such thing as coincidence’ and ‘what serendipity’ and ‘extraordinary accident’.   Divine Timing is one of those things where the coincidence, accident, or indeed serendipity is mentioned, but it’s often far more complex than that.

The reality of divine timing is simply (in my view) that this was the right time for that to happen. Perhaps it’s pre-destiny, or maybe the truth lies somewhere back in before we arrived to this lifetime and it was decided pre-arrival that meeting this person/fate/circumstance would be the best way to progress through our unique journey.

Perhaps it was simply ‘his time to go’ or maybe the angels were at play when they distracted her from seeing that ongoing truck.  Who knows the truth of it.

I do know that sometimes being able to have a sense of the divine timing of it when it comes to a death – particularly when it’s quite sudden – helps us to come to terms with it. When my husband dies unexpectedly after a short illness, it took some time to be able to look back on it all and then see clearly why that happened as and when it did.  But once I could do that, I saw it so clearly it was  like putting the wipers on in the car during a sudden deluge of rain that came out of nowhere.  So much made more sense at that point in time.   The further away – in terms of the distance of time – we got from what happened, the more clarity there was.

I know when we are lost and drowning in despair and grieving for something or someone, it’s hard to get a sense of the bigger picture.  I guess that’s why ‘they’ always refer to time as being a great healer.  With time we get perspective on what really happened and what else was going on at the time that we may not have noticed or been aware of.

Again – I come back to the whole matter of divine timing.  It’s not always evident at the start that this is exactly what’s at play.  Sometimes we just have to trust and this is when our faith in (what ever you think of as being God or a higher power) ‘God’ is truly tested.

Just know that it will be ok in the end… because if it’s not ok, it’s not (yet) the end.


Deciding to Live or Die

I love that old ABBA song – The Winner Takes It All.  The lines in it that always stand out for me are: ‘The Gods may throw the dice… the likes of me abide’.

Do you wonder sometimes about the whole Fate vs Pre-Destined question?  I mean, are we here and bound by fate, the decisions of the gods, or are we beings with free choice, who can decide to alter our paths in life as we go.  I’ve some deep thoughts on this and could spend all day discussing it.  But one thing that has been playing on my mind lately due to two people in my family being diagnosed with cancer recently – that we have the choice to live or die.

I remember a conversation with my health consultant a couple of years ago, and he was saying how tired he was.  Tired of this life for the moment and wondering if it’s time to opt out.  He was not talking about suicide – but of letting go and deciding to accept what ever illness, or fatalistic options might present themselves for him to succumb to over the coming months.  It was an interesting way to look at it.  He regained his mojo soon after and decided on life and all it’s got to offer for now – that was about 10 years ago and he’s still aging gracefully and joyfully.

I see the state of mind and spirit playing a big part in the lives of the two family members I referred to above as they wage their life and death battle.  The spirit is dominant over the body of that I’m sure.

What makes us decide to stay, and what makes us decide to go?  And do we really have so much choice in the matter?    I’ve known at least 2 dozen people who have battled terminal diagnoses and serious illness who won those battles and are still here fighting fit after (in some cases) decades.  I know that we all face some kind of ‘cancer’ in our lives at some time where our massive challenges define us, open us up to a more spiritual awareness, (and in a surprising number of instances the Blue Flames are present in some way) and we become who we really are.  And how does that affect what we may think of as the sunsets or new sunrises in our lives?

I’d love to know your thoughts.





Lost in Space

It has been an interesting couple of weeks globally.   So much unrest, hatred and dissent in the USA following the election of Trump as  President.  The rest of the world waiting to see what’s going to happen next, and I for one wanted nothing more than to leave Asia, then Australia, and return to my roots in New Zealand last week. And as I did so, NZ erupted with earthquakes and chaos too.  As I drove through rain soaked countryside late on Tuesday I could see that all was exactly as I’d last left it, and I took a lot of comfort in that, but I still feel a little ‘lost in space’ both spiritually and emotionally.

I know I’m not the only one feeling this way – many friends and connections I value from all over the world are expressing the same sentiment – what’s going on in this world?  Is this the start of something bigger?  Is mother nature finally reaching her limits of tolerance?  Or is God (whatever that means to you) saying ‘enough of this madness’.

I was then drawn to this website and reviewed some of my earlier posts from the last few years – and remembered that the Blue Flames is a very special thing and that we are all part of an extraordinary journey of discovery and learning.   Our ability to rest into the blue light, and seek the peace inside love is not something we never have to work at – instead we need to seek comfort in meditation, our various rituals, and beliefs every single day.  I’m reminded as I write this and my guides gently nudge me through this, that divine timing is real.  What ever is happening right now for us as a planet, at global levels and also within our selves as individuals, we have the ability to rise up, make choices, do what must be done to correct imbalances, and encourage peace and love for all of us.

One of the lessons I learned over the last few years is that if you ‘Pour Love onto/into it, that love will sooth the trouble’.  Like an ointment on a bruise or cut, the love we can actively and consciously pour into the world right now will bring about healing.

Now – I know if you’re here reading this site, you’ll get that.  You may also think that what I just said sounds a little simplistic and trite, but please, rest in that notion for a bit, and close your eyes, find a blue flame flickering in the corner of your awareness and ask to be warmed by it.







On the prospect of being left behind…

I had a message today from an old friend who has just found out her husband’s cancer has returned and is now terminal.  She wanted to know if I could share some thoughts and wisdom around the prospect of her becoming a widow.   I thought this might be worth sharing:

  • Keep a journal – and share your feelings about what’s happening with each other – and leave NOTHING unsaid – no room for regrets…it will help you a lot later that there’s nothing left to guess about.
  • Talk about what’s happening in your family for their sake more than anything so that they are part of the journey – it will help them to deal with it
  • Get your husband/wife/partner to write a letter to each of your kids for when they turn 18 or 21.  It will mean the world to them.
  • What ever your faith is – hang on to that. Believe in life after death – therefore this is not the end of your journey together. and when it’s over – know that it’s just the beginning of another journey for you and your kids – and every day will hurt like hell, but every day it slowly slowly gets better until the good times are all that dominate your thoughts. – Hang in there – ok. You’ll get through this – as cliche as this sounds – what doesn’t kill YOU does strengthen you in ways you can’t even begin yet to imagine.
  • Oh and one last thing – find the silver lining in EVERY single dark cloud.

These were the things I suggested to her.  It really does get better – although I have to say that I still miss my husband after 19 years.  I still wonder about what our life together might have been like.  And I still wish he had been here for our sons as they are now young men starting their big lives.

You don’t get over it – you just get used to it.  But with the help of good friends and others who hold the torch for you as you go through this journey.


ParaNormal Conversations

What is normal anyway?  For each of us it’s a different thing.  What’s ‘normal’ for one  person might be totally bizarre for someone else.  I tell you though, I’ve had some of what most people would deem to be far from normal conversations.  About everything from ghosts, gremlins, psychic attack, live after death, and much more.

Last week I met a young woman in a shopping centre. We started a random conversation as total strangers, and ended up having a hug as we parted ways about 10 minutes later.  As an emerging psychic and medium we had a lot to share in a limited amount of time, and so blurted a quick exchange of heavy information in rapid fire.  As we talked, I was very aware of being in a highly public place, and that anyone walking by overhearing some of our paranormal conversation would have been shocked, surprised, perplexed and in some cases maybe even a little impressed by our words.

But as unusual as this conversation might have sounded to passersby, these have become what I personally term as ‘normal’ because they happen so frequently now.  So this got me thinking about the concept of what are normal conversations.

I also picked up a book the other day that I first read about 18 years ago, called The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield.  This was first published in the early 1990s when we (the world in general) were still emerging into a new wave of awareness about spiritual and energy matters.  For me  personally, that book was a turning point in my awakening.   My journey towards becoming a spiritual guide and medium started with having energy and how we use it was littered with books like The Celestine Prophecy, as well as people who suddenly appeared in my life with whom a new level of ‘normal’ conversations became commonplace.

Since that time, our collective evolution as spiritual beings has increased dramatically – and just like in the book, we seem to connect with each other easily and with purpose.   That purpose usually being to share and encourage each other to understand and grow in our comfort levels of spiritually related conversations, leading to our collective increased awareness.

One thing I feel very strongly about is that we need to continue to share our wisdom, stories, guidance for each other, and awareness of what’s going on for us as individuals along our personal journeys if they can be of help and comfort to each other.  This is the age where the Crystal Children are becoming young adults and bigger changes are starting to occur for us all.  The age of wisdom and transformation is here now.  And we’re all playing a part in the journey of the planet as we awaken to new opportunities for spiritual growth.

Next time you find yourself having a ‘wierd’ conversation about such things as I’ve touched on here, please take a moment to consider if maybe it’s not wierd at all, but just a new level of paranormal conversations for you and those you are starting to meet.












Recommended Reading & Links

Books and Websites:  If you are a bit like me and want to know more about spiritual growth of yourself and others who have written about their own emergence into becoming mediums and/or healers, I urge you to consider becoming a contributing author to this site.  Because sometimes the books are too hard to wade through and the websites are all saying the same or different things- but a community of like minded people can gather together online or offline and share ideas, information gleaned, and reduce the research and learning times required.

If you do come across some good books, blogs or other wisdom shared, then please take a minute to share here.  Thanks.

Source: Recommended Reading & Links