Deciding to Live or Die

I love that old ABBA song – The Winner Takes It All.  The lines in it that always stand out for me are: ‘The Gods may throw the dice… the likes of me abide’.

Do you wonder sometimes about the whole Fate vs Pre-Destined question?  I mean, are we here and bound by fate, the decisions of the gods, or are we beings with free choice, who can decide to alter our paths in life as we go.  I’ve some deep thoughts on this and could spend all day discussing it.  But one thing that has been playing on my mind lately due to two people in my family being diagnosed with cancer recently – that we have the choice to live or die.

I remember a conversation with my health consultant a couple of years ago, and he was saying how tired he was.  Tired of this life for the moment and wondering if it’s time to opt out.  He was not talking about suicide – but of letting go and deciding to accept what ever illness, or fatalistic options might present themselves for him to succumb to over the coming months.  It was an interesting way to look at it.  He regained his mojo soon after and decided on life and all it’s got to offer for now – that was about 10 years ago and he’s still aging gracefully and joyfully.

I see the state of mind and spirit playing a big part in the lives of the two family members I referred to above as they wage their life and death battle.  The spirit is dominant over the body of that I’m sure.

What makes us decide to stay, and what makes us decide to go?  And do we really have so much choice in the matter?    I’ve known at least 2 dozen people who have battled terminal diagnoses and serious illness who won those battles and are still here fighting fit after (in some cases) decades.  I know that we all face some kind of ‘cancer’ in our lives at some time where our massive challenges define us, open us up to a more spiritual awareness, (and in a surprising number of instances the Blue Flames are present in some way) and we become who we really are.  And how does that affect what we may think of as the sunsets or new sunrises in our lives?

I’d love to know your thoughts.





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