Helping a child to understand their spirituality

We have a no-holds-barred rule in our house when it comes to discussions and topics for airing.   Maybe that stems from having survived our own personal tragic situation many years ago – the death of my husband and father of my sons, while I was pregnant with the younger one.  We kind of got used to talking about Daddy hanging around us.  Maybe it’s also because as a single mother of sons, you kind of have to adapt quickly to farts being funny, as well as other boyish things that make up boy-humor that is usually bound up in our bodily functions.

When it comes to spirituality, I have an indigo child who is a little more inclined to want to loose his soul in music as a means of contemplating his inner self, and a crystal child who is out there loud and proud willing to be helpful and heard for his philosophies and understanding.  Both are very aware of the journey I’ve been through, and how that has helped me to evolve and grow as a medium.  The fact that my Crystal child is also profoundly psychic is interesting to all of us, and we long ago decided that with the no-holds-barred attitude we have to anything on the table, nurturing rather than judging odd things and ideas was to be our normal way of treating anything odd that arose.

If my son needed to have mental health days off school sometimes, this was how we framed it.   And the teachers be damned if unwilling to accept the lack of a doctors certificate.  If he found it really hard to be in some places, or around some people at times, we did our best to help him and anyone else who needed to know, to understand that this was ok, normal for him, and not something to make a fuss of.

If he’d rather have crystals in his bedroom than posters on the walls, or soft toys instead of bo0ks (even as a teenager) that’s ok too.

I guess the crunch comes when said child starts to know an awful lot more about his friends than they may necessarily feel comfortable about, that the times comes to have that conversation about ‘coming out’ or at least being able to say to his close friends that he really is a little ‘woo woo’ but that it’s not something they should be worried about.    I don’t know if coming out as psychic is the same as coming out at gay – both my sons are straight.  But it has crossed my mind to wonder if the same things go through parent’s minds about that:  Will he lose any friends? Would it make people treat him differently? Are people more accepting of this nowadays, really?

As someone who is a medium still struggling to get really comfortable with how many people I open up to about that, I know that for him to have to face this kind of speculation by his friends and fellow students, that this is a big deal.   Maybe it can be something he just keeps to himself for a whole lot longer.

Maybe we just have to trust – both of us – that our respective guides and guardian angels are in mind of it all and that ‘letting go and letting God’ has to prevail.

When is the right time to be open about who you are, when who you are gives you insights into people that some would rather you didn’t have.

At the very least it’s always a good time for discussions about discretion, integrity, and honesty.

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I'm a coach, consultant, author and most of my work is related to these areas, however I've been channeling and developing a growing spirituality in my work during the past years, and find that others like me - serious on the outside, but very spiritual on the inside - are seeking answers, understanding and insights into how Spirituality really does meet with Practicality.

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