Spirituality meets Practicality

I want to share something with you…

  • Not all spiritual people are what I call ‘woo woo’ people
  • Sometimes weird things happen we can’t always explain except to know that there’s a higher power
  • Angels, spirit guides, and guardians do exist – even the bible refers to these often
  • God, by any name, including Allah, Lord, Yawah, Dieu, the Universe,  (and any of the 500 + names you’ll find on Google) is what ever God is to you personally.   For many people ‘G.O.D.’ [spelling] is the simply name that refers to their understanding of what or who God is.
  • Spirituality transcends and pre-dates organised religion.

Spiritual viewpoints will not always be embraced by those with religious viewpoints and vice versa!

But life is what it is, spirituality, both the questions and answers that come with any form of it, is what helps us to work through our lives on a daily basis, especially when we are working through grief.

The best we can do when faced with our crises of faith, our rages against God, or our celebration of miracles, is to understand that we all may experience, understand, and embrace our faith differently, and that right or wrong does not exist – for that creates judgement, and who are we all to judge that which not one of us has a single complete answer to.

When we swear, praise, curse, question anything in our day we are invoking some form of Spirituality to meet practicality.  “By Christ I wish…”  “Oh my God…” “Bloody Hell!…”  “Mon Dieu!”  These are expressions of exasperation, pain, shock and a multitude of things…   For many of us, our practical natures seem to need to express ourselves this way.

My point is, that what ever is going on in our practical daily lives, there’s always a level fo spirituality, even for those who claim not to be spiritual, religious, or otherwise.  And when spirituality meets practicality and we get that for each of us it’s different, then it’s a pretty good place to be really!



Published by Dixie at the Blue Flames

I'm a coach, consultant, author and most of my work is related to these areas, however I've been channeling and developing a growing spirituality in my work during the past years, and find that others like me - serious on the outside, but very spiritual on the inside - are seeking answers, understanding and insights into how Spirituality really does meet with Practicality.

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