Listening to Guidance from Spirit

I remember reading a book one night, it was Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, by the wonderful Richard Webster.  He wrote about meeting our guides, and learning to listen to their messages.   There was a simple exercise in the book that was simply to close our eyes, and imagine what our guardian angel might give us as a sign that they were there.   The next minute I felt a soft feathery touch on my cheek.  It was firm, but definitely felt like being touched by the softest of feathers.  I enjoyed the feeling for a moment,  opened my eyes and wondered if maybe I’d really just imagined it.  But the feeling was so real, I remember feeling very confused as a put the book down then went to sleep.

The next night, I was reading the same book, and I distinctly heard a voice inside my head tell me to “put the book down, we want to show you something”.  I looked about, wondered about it, then felt compelled to close my eyes and to just trust whatever what happening.   I felt guided by this voice.   It was a feeling that’s still hard to describe… but I went a long with it, and with closed eyes, I heard/felt the voice instructing me to let my mind go gentle into being a little like an old radio, with a dial on the side where I could ‘tune in’ to the right frequency.   It seemed to take a while to get it right, and then suddenly my grandmother was there, in my mind talking with me.   My Grandma and I were quite close and in many ways I was not surprised to see her.   The guide at the side of my mind was there, and helped me to have a conversation with her, and ‘hold the frequency’ so that we could talk just like talk to anyone else, except it was all happening inside my head.

At the end of the conversation, I asked Grandma to help me know that this was real.  She then told me a few things about herself that I’d never known, but was able to check the next day with my mother – who was decidedly intrigued and delighted by what I told her.

This was the start of many lessons I’ve had from my guardian angels, and I’m sharing it with you as I want you to know that it can happen to anyone who is open to learning about working with their guardian angels and spirit guides.   Learning to ‘tune into the right frequency’ is one of the first steps, but one of the most interesting and challenging.  I still have to work at getting it right sometimes.   It’s something that takes practice.  Like getting into the flow of all those good energy vibrations, finding the right levels or frequency usually doesn’t just happen, without some consious effort on our part.

Finding a quiet place, then learning to listen is a wonderful way to  just ‘be’.  And sometimes wonderful things happen when you are in that space.


Published by Dixie at the Blue Flames

I'm a coach, consultant, author and most of my work is related to these areas, however I've been channeling and developing a growing spirituality in my work during the past years, and find that others like me - serious on the outside, but very spiritual on the inside - are seeking answers, understanding and insights into how Spirituality really does meet with Practicality.

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